Bosch Security Extreme IR Cameras

These Extreme IR Cameras from Bosch Security are the trusted leader in active infrared night vision and continue to offer reliable and high performance in both day and night hours. These cameras represent an elite suite of precision engineered cameras delivering the most advanced level of day or night imaging, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even in harsh weather conditions. Bosch Extreme IR Cameras are designed for instant and easy installation and have precision engineered optics.

Available in models between 8 M to 128 M which are suitable for all types of environments. + Available in analogue or IP formats + Analogue, megapixel and Bosch IP-enabled + Suitable for applications such as ports, critical infrastructure, defence, transportation and even for border security + EX85 Megapixel IP infrared imager + Black Diamond night vision technology + Dual megapixel sensors

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