Bosch Derwent Infrared Illuminators

In the present day of crime and surveillance, a reliable 24-hour alarm and camera system is a necessity for any business. Bosch Derwent Infrared Illuminators can be effectively used 24-hours a day, in light and dark, making them a high performance security lighting solution camera that has been field proven in countless surveillance applications across the globe. Bosch Derwent Infrared Illuminators respond to both visible white light and infrared, enabling the camera to take an unrivalled night time image captures. They also feature Black Diamond technology, which eliminates night time image hot spots and overexposure. *FEATURES* Constant light technology compensates fully for LED degradation + Full range of beam pattern for whole area coverage + Includes: megapixel cameras, IP platforms, video analytics + Built in 12/24AC/DC power regulation circuit

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