Viega Propress

Viega Propress – Industry leading press-fit technology that delivers quality copper installations for water, gas, oil and compressed air.


Viega Propress – for all potable water applications from DN15 to DN50.

Viega Propress XL – for all potable water applications from DN65 to DN100.

Viega Propress G – for natural gas, LPG, compressed air and oil line installations from DN15 to DN50.

Viega Propress G XL – for natural gas, LPG, compressed air and oil line installations from DN65 to DN100.

• Completely replacing the need for brazing or soldering and totally eliminates heat, gas and flame from the worksite for much improved worksite safety.

• Propress joints can be completed in around three seconds providing massive savings in installation time. 

• No heat or annealing during the pressing process so the tube maintains inherent strength compared with brazed joints, therefore eliminating the most likely point and cause of failure.

• Australian Certified for over 10 years. Proven in millions of fitting worldwide over decades.

• Patented Viega Smart Connect-Feature, which allows installers to quickly identify any un-pressed connection during a pressure test. Fittings can be pressed without any time-consuming draining of lines.

• Can be installed directly on-site and under the most difficult conditions, such as in tight spaces, alongside other assembly sections, and by just one person using the purpose designed battery operated power tool. 

• Viega offers two pressing tools, the compact Picco tool that can press DN15 to DN32 fittings, while the larger Pressgun 5 can press up to DN100. 

• Extensive range of pressing jaws, including ring jaws that can be rotated to any desired angle to ensure access in even the most difficult spaces. 

• Viega pressing tools are manufactured to the highest standards, and include electronic self-monitoring to ensure guaranteed joints and to provide extended low maintenance operation.

• Can operate with liquids at temperatures of -25 °C to +110 °C and pressures up to 1600kPa. 

• Also proven in commercial solar installations with peak temperatures up to 200°C. 

• Through its team of experienced technical representatives, Viega offers support and high performance tailored solutions Australia wide. 

• German engineered Viega is the industry leader in press-fit technology, the first to pioneer a proven method to verify secure connections, and the first to produce the same time saving press technology in multiple materials. 

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