Stainless Steel Lineal Drainage

ACO Polycrete offers a comprehensive range of diverse stainless trough and grate solutions. Each of the systems comprises 1.2mm (minimum thickness) steel troughs, manufactured in grades 304 and 316 stainless steel. ACO’s durable lineal drainage provides a variety of edge profiles and grates to suit varying loads and floor types. Systems may be locked for safety and security. The stainless steel lineal drainage range offered by ACO is the premium solution for use in any industrial and commercial environment. .

Available in standard 100mm, 200mm & 300mm internal widths and in varying depths and configurations + Suitable for varying loads and surrounding floor finishes + Watermark accreditation. *PRODUCT RANGE* System 100 + System 200 + System 300 + Customised solutions + 4 edge profiles – standard, solid edge, vinylseal, folded.

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