Security Bollards

Security Bollards for all events and special occasions – permanent or temporary.
Using the Landscape Tanks as security bollards makes a natural extension of the product range and delivers high quality results. These security bollards can be used for all events and special occasions as they can be both temporary or permanent. Whether the landscape tank/planter tops or the tank base are used as security bollards, the end result is terrific.

Traditionally the tanks were designed as a structural retaining wall and front fences that stores rain water, but with a few smart design changes, the security bollards are now more functional and attractive environmentally. The tanks are made from 50mpa concrete and come pre—engineered for use as a retaining walls (empty) so they are well suited to security bollard use.

The new security bollard concept ticks all the boxes from both the council and developer customers point of view as they are a great cost saver as they are mobile (so they can be moved from site to site easily). They are very cost effective given that they are multifunctional.

– The tank base is larger than normal and allows for planting out of two trees or shrubs for effect.
– The Landscape tank and planter top weighs 2.5 tonne empty and the tank base itself weighs 1.6 tonne empty (as small units).
– Filling them with soil or water will add another 2 tonnes (small units approx).
– Larger units are available weighing 3.2 and 4 tonnes as required.
– Four 2.5 tonne Swift lifters are incorporated into the tank base and planter top for easy handling.
– Tanks come in three sizes and are available Australia wide.

That makes this quality product ideal for special events or permanent structures around shopping centres or other strategic locations as required.

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