Saniflo’s Grey Water Pumps

For over 50 years, Saniflo has been a market leader in sanitary appliances worldwide. Saniflo’s range of concealable greywaste water pumps can overcome the plumbing challenges of installing a luxury kitchen; never again will kitchens be considered too impractically far from plumbing mains, nor will the process of installing them be considered too destructive, complex or expensive. Saniflo Sanivite® is a quiet, state-of-the-art, solution to the problem of connecting a kitchen to necessary plumbing mains. The island kitchen, kitchenette, outdoor or basement kitchen is now affordable, practical, and achievable with Saniflo’s range of grey water pumps.


Will accept kitchen and dishwasher waste  +  Quiet  +  Easily concealed under the sink or in cabinets  +  2-year warranty  +  Can operate with water temperatures of up to 60 degrees


Installed using small diameter (25mm) uPVC waste pipes, the amount of disruption to existing structures is minimised  +  Pumps can transport waste water up to 5 metres vertically or up to 50 metres horizontally


Sanivite  +  Sanidouche  +  Sanispeed

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