Heelguard Antislip Grates

Heelguard Antislip grates have been used successfully in a broad range of applications, including floor malting, trench drainage and ventilation grills, for internal as well as external situations. ACO manufactures a Heelguard grate for both trafficable and non-trafficable uses, both of which are available in any configuration or size to suit each particular project requirement. HeelguardAntislip grates are designed to provide non-slip coverage of a range of ACO drainage systems, including KlassikDrain, SlabDrain, MiniKlassik, and Grated Pits in outdoor settings, and ShowerDrain or ACO Building Drainage in internal projects.

Safe non-slip drainage cover + Indoor or outdoor applications + Suitable for use over water drainage or ventilation grills + Hard-wearing and low maintenance

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