Green Roof Systems

Elmich's sustainable green roof systems offer designers and architects unimaginable freedom in the realisation of green roofs for residential to industrial scale applications.  Elmich's extensive range of engineered landscape products can be used together to form reliable and flexible systems that can be specified to suit your needs.  Both Intensive and Extensive green roof systems are available to support low growing drought tolerant and deep growing plant species respectively.  The systems are UV stable and utilise a root resistant waterproofing membrane along with specially designed drainage cells for efficient water usage.  Among Elmich's award winning products used in the systems are water retention and drainage trays, geotextile and cellular confinement cells as well as paver and decking support products that truly open up landscaping possibilities.  These rigorously engineered products work together to form systems that can support a range of plant species, in almost any climatic and environmental condition.

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