Dirty Utility Flushing Sink (Sluice)

The Britex Stainless Steel Dirty Utility (Sluice) Sink can be found in many of Australia’s finest hospitals and medical facilities. Incorporating an integral conical flushing bowl (sluice sink) for efficient waste disposal and large sink bowl, the Dirty Utility Sink is fully welded and made to custom lengths as required from grade 304 of grade 316 acid resistant stainless steel. Options include a sloped or flat drainer, 50 or 100mm outlet, nominal splashback height, support legs, undershelf and Flush Valve for operating the flushing rim sink that quickly and hygienically disposes of liquid waste from all internal bowl surfaces.

+  Australian made by Australia’s premier stainless steel fabricator
+  Used in Australia’s finest hospitals and aged care facilities
+  Routinely selected by Australia’s most respected health project designers  
+  Integral conical flushing bowl (sluice sink)
+  Hygienically disposes of liquid waste from all internal bowl surfaces
+  Multipurpose design  
+  Fully customisable configuration
+  Grade 304 or 316 stainless steel  
+  Choice of sloped or flat drainer  
+  Fully welded, seamless and hygienic  
+  Optional Britex Flush Valve for sluice sink
+  Optional Britex Trigger Spray
+  Optional Britex Bed Pan and Bottle Rack 

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