Xtract 2100 by Plasmaclean – Odour control for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

GHS are distributors for Xtract 2100, manufactured by Plasmaclean in the UK and imported into Australia exclusively by Eco Guardians Pty Ltd. Using the well known disinfectant and odour neutraliser ozone, the Plasma Clean Xtract acts on cooking odours, grease and smoke, by releasing the ozone directly into the kitchen ventilation canopy, where it is oxidised in a chemical reaction resulting the production of carbon dioxide and water vapour, whilst the ozone itself is consumed and converted back into oxygen.

Compact and lightweight, the unit offers affordable and reliable odour control and grease reduction, perfect for a range of cooking applications and areas such as fast food bars, pubs and restaurants. Fully automatic, the Xtract is simple to install, designed to attach to the wall, silent in operation, with low maintenance and running costs.  

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