SV10 Solar-powered domestic ventilator by Western Solar

The SV10 Solar-powered domestic ventilator is a rooftop ventilator designed to remove hot air from single-storey, double-storey, and other average-sized houses. The SV10 Solar-powered ventilator is suitable for any type of domestic roof cavity, including homes with cathedral ceilings or raked ceilings. Internal paltec vents can also be used to circulate fresh air, eliminating the need to open windows and doors, and maintaining the safety and security of the home. Using a rooftop ventilator improves the efficiency of air conditioners and reduces the operating costs of ducted heating. Common applications include attics, swimming pools, built-in patios, workshops, dog kennels, chicken coops and games rooms.

Volume of air which can be extracted on an average: 210 liters/minute + Height: 250 mm + Base Width: 550 mm + Base Length: 550 mm

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