Sunjoy radiant panel heaters

Heat-On Systems is focused on working on commercial, warehousing, high-rise developments, luxury apartments, schools, government buildings, city councils and the like utilizing the most advanced electric heating technology available in Australia.

Heat-On’s Sunjoy radiant panel heaters are backed by a 20 year warranty. Should there be any single fault Heat-On will immediately replace new for old. The system once installed is completely maintenance free, for the life of the development there should not be a need to replace or service our heaters.

Our Sunjoy panels dissipate a unique far-infrared wavelength, this wavelength is almost identical to the wavelength that our sun produces which provides deodorization and antibiosis. These properties are highly beneficial to human, animal & plant matter as they purify and sterilizes the air, activate red blood cells and improve the metabolism. Furthermore the vitamins produced by the far-infrared wave also augment resistance to disease and kill bacteria. Over a prolonged period of time this is exceptionally beneficial to ones health and therefore we highly recommend this system for your unique application.

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