Solar Powervent

Skydome Skylight Systems have extended their ventilation range with their new solar powered roof extraction fan, Solar Powervent.  Solar Powervent reduces energy costs and improves thermal comfort within your home by effectively extracting hot air from the roof cavity, minimising heat gains in the summer and power loads on air conditioners.  The innovative extraction fan features options between a 10 or 20 watt multi-crystalline silicon photovoltaic collector which sits above the unit and includes a 10 year warranty. Solar Powervent is designed to withstand harsh roof conditions, with solid aluminium housing protecting its motor from severe weather conditions and a durable one piece seamless flashing that prevents leakages.  The roof extraction fan works throughout the day, constantly and silently extracting hot air.  To match various roof colours, the flashing is powder-coated to a matching shade.  


10 or 20 watt multicrystalline silicon photovoltaic collector with 10 year warranty + Solid aluminium housing for motor + Durable and clean flashing + May be powdercoated to match most roof colours,   


Powerful extraction via a 5-wing aluminium fan blade with two options: 12 inch diameter for the 10 watt motor and 14” for the 20 watt motor Power extraction: 5 wing fan blade

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