Rooftop Ventilation Systems

It simply makes sense to support natural air flows through Rooftop Ventilation Systems to minimise any need for powered fans and electrically run machinery, wherever possible, thereby reducing greenhouse gases. As all extreme heat, gases, stale air and smoke rise to the highest points of a contained space, rooftop vents offer the perfect exhaust positioning. With the correct ratio of air inlets lower down in the structure, you create a flow that draws fresh air in, and stale air out.

Some workplaces are also exposed to explosive and corrosive conditions, so Building Management Systems can be designed to better manage any exposure to contaminant build ups, internal and external differentials and fail-safes for worst case scenarios.

Being cool and spendthrift has never been so easy. Call us to assist you with your project ventilation design. We have designs appropriate for residential, commercial and extreme industrial environments.

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