Powervent Ventilation

Skydome happens to offer a broad range with respect to commercial and domestic ventilation systems, from standard Static and Twirly roof vents to the market-leading Skydome PowerVent Motorised Roof Ventilator. This rooftop ventilator been fitted with a whisper-quiet yet powerful, 70-Watt electric motor, and has ability to expel around 15000 litres of hot air per minute from the roof cavity. The SkyDome PowerVent Mtorised Roof Ventilator costs much less to run compared to its counterparts, making it ideal for common applications such as cooling the home, introducing ventilation and light, or meeting council ventilation requirements. *SPECIFICATIONS* Motor: 70 W, 240 V, 48 A + Airflow: 900 cu. m/hour + Range 1 X SMV300 / 1 X SMV300 / 2 X SMV300

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