PEA-RP Series

Designed to address the air conditioning needs of a commercial environment or larger home, Mitsubishi Electric’s PEA-RP range offers the best in ducted inverter systems. Combining style and performance efficiency, the ceiling-concealed units are part of a customisable system, with various accessories and options allowing maximum user comfort and satisfaction.

Quiet and compact yet extremely powerful, the PEA-RP series harnesses high static pressure fans to maintain consistent airflows between multiple spaces. The ducted system is compatible with long refrigerant piping for maximum installation flexibility, and features a 13.5kW cooling and 16kW heating capacity.

Temperature and humidity monitoring functions, timer controls, and scheduling functions are centralised in a touch screen controller, which can be used in conjunction with an internet connection to monitor the ducted system and warn of any faults. To find out more information, click here.

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