Element® and Isis™ Ceiling Fans

With over 40,000 Big Ass Fans installed across the globe, Big Ass Fans has established itself as the leading manufacturer of huge ceiling fans. Throughout the past decade, Big Ass Fans has developed innovative air circulation products that enhance comfort and reduce heating and cooling costs in large industrial buildings with high ceilings. Ranging from 8–20-ft in diameter, the new commercial-grade Big Ass Fans, Element and Isis, improve air circulation and aid in energy conservation by reducing the dependence on heating and cooling systems, making them perfect for schools, offices, churches, restaurants, libraries, and great rooms. In fact, these fans move up to 40 times the air as a standard ceiling fan at a fraction of the electrical cost. A key benefit of Big Ass Fans in air conditioned spaces is the ability to increase the efficiency of HVAC systems. When Big Ass Fans are integrated with these systems, the result is a more cost-effective method of cooling and better air circulation. Due to the large volume of air movement, Big Ass Fans significantly reduces the amount of ductwork required in buildings and lowers the overall energy consumption of HVAC systems. The new Element and Isis by Big Ass Fans deliver unparalleled energy efficiency, silent operation and a sleek new look – all the needed features for commercial spaces.

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