TravelMaster Escalators

TravelMaster Escalators are a vertical transport solution tailored to the retail environment, designed to optimise people flow, comfort, and circulation efficiency in retail applications. According to expert evaluation, TravelMaster Escalators from Kone Elevators are a future-proof investment, not to mention being ecologically designed to ensure long-term sustainability. Efficiency, safety and reliability come together in TravelMaster Escalators with a range of lighting options to guide customers and enhance the shopping atmosphere.


Effective and fast troubleshooting + Maximum availability via advanced control system + Low maintenance costs + The longest oil-change intervals in industry of escalators


Balustrade: 1000/1100 mm + Maximum Rise: 2 to 9.5 m + Max/min speed: 0.5 m/s with 0.2 m/s standby speed option


Step Width: 600 mm + 800 mm + 1000 mm

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