Efficient project management is the key to success with the Transys elevator, an award-winning MRL (machine-room-less) lift designed for heavy-duty use. Transys is suitable for applications including low-to-mid-rise retail, commercial, or hotel projects, bulky goods movement, and hospitals, or other buildings ranging between 2 and 12 floors. Energy consumption is lessened by gearless EcoDisc technology, and the absence of a machine room means there are considerable space savings as well as reduced construction time.


Ultra-tough car materials to ensure long-life even in heavy-use applications + Cost-effective + Environmentally-friendly + Space-saving + Simplified installation


Maximum Travel: 23 m @ 5000 Kg; 40 m @ 4000 Kg + Capacity: 2500-5000 Kg; 33-66 passengers + Speed: 0.5, 1, 1.6 m/s + Landings: Up to twelve openings + Door/car height: 2100-2900 mm maximum (steps of 100 mm) + Weight: 4000 Kg or 5000 Kg models

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