MonoSpace R5 and R7

Kone MonoSpace® R5 and R7 elevators are award-winning machine-room-less elevators in the Kone range, incorporating KONE EcoDisc Technology which makes them environmentally-friendly as well as compact and easy to use. Thanks to their modular design, less time is required for construction and installation of MonoSpace R5 and R7 lifts. An efficient and a smooth installation process is an essential part of Kone’s EcoSpace technology, which means scaffold-free installation, reducing costs, time, and risk to both the installers and the structural integrity of the building.


No oil used + Reduced construction costs + Creates greater amount of usable space + Range of visual options + Preferred choice for Low-Mid rise constructions from 2-16 floors


Maximum Travel: 40 m + Capacity: 630-1000 Kg + Speed: 1 to 1.6 m/s + Landings: Up to 16 landings

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