Floorsafe Tactiles are Polypad hazard indicators with large raised stud patterns, with individual studs available in coloured plastic, carborundum infilled, and stainless steel. Floorsafe Tactiles are designed to meet Australian standards and avoid threatening hazards for the vision impaired as is mandatory under the Disability Discrimination Act. They are also used for external public access areas like ferry platforms, railways and bus stops, and can also be used on steps, ramps, landings and escalators, and are R-12 rated for anti slip safety.

Small coin shape stainless steel and plastic individual studs + Offers a permanent solution for tactile guidance + UV stable + Meets all relevant compulsorysafety standards +

Size: 600 mm x 900 mm in colours including ivory, yellow, grey and black + Tactile 72 is high grade with 2mm + 316 stainless steel is 300 mm x 600 mm plate + Has 72 permanently fixed 316 stainless steel tactile studs

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