Compact Classic Home Lift

The residential lift that can be installed in almost any Australian home

The Compact Classic Home Lift is unlike any other lift for the home in the world and can be situated practically anywhere in a house. The lift is a through floor elevator and is different from most others on the market as it is not powered by loud hydraulic equipment or vacuum systems like traditional lifts. Instead, it works by simply plugging into a normal AC power socket from an electric motor which is hidden from view on top of the lift making it very quiet.

With a Compact Classic Home Lift, there is no need to make major structural changes to the house, such as adding load bearing walls, as the lift travels on twin rails. This is made possible because the elevator has been designed to be a self-supporting structure so it does not require a lift shaft. Compact Home Lifts take pride in the fact that, thanks to these special features, they can offer almost limitless options in terms of the lift’s placement in a home. The lift is simple and easy to install and a standard retrofit application can take just one day.

These lifts are compact – hence the name – but surprisingly spacious inside and offer users a great alternative to a stairlift or a quicker way of getting between floors that can improve your lifestyle.

Compact Classic Home Lift Series

  • Compact Classic: this is the entry-level model and can carry two people up to one floor in less than 30 seconds. The Compact Classic looks fantastic and is a great addition to your home. It includes many standard features with optional extras available.
  • Compact Crystal: offers all the standard features as the Compact Classic but is our ‘crystal clear’ lift. This means it has a totally ‘see through’ lift car giving it a modern look. It is also great for letting natural light in if it is placed in front of a window.
  • Compact Classic Thru: has all the standard features as the Compact Classic but the Compact Home Lifts team can make it possible for you to enter on one side of the lift on ground level and leave from the other side once you reach the first floor.
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