Anchor Fix Frameless Glass Balustrade

Metro Frameless Glass provides anchor fixing of freestanding balustrade glass for both residential and commercial installations, where the substrate material is either steel, timber or concrete. Metro Frameless Glass Systems provide these systems and provide the customer with sufficient advice on fixing during the design stage. With a Metro Frameless Glass Balustrade, one can view the outside world with style. Whilst designing the balustrade, one can contact and consult an approved glass company, like Metro Frameless Glass for advice on relevant building codes which must be complied with.

Fixing centres are normally 350 mm to 400 mm apart + The standard fittings are provided, custom fittings are made on request for individual site needs.

All glass is toughed to AS1288. + All MFGS balustrade fittings are manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel.

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