LED Ceiling Tiles

This clever product makes good use of existing infrastructure in order to enable display on a large scale.  Conceived in Europe by LEDGO of the Netherlands it makes use of suspended ceiling bracketing to house specially engineered LED display ceiling tiles that can be readily daisy chained to display as one image. This means that ceilings, a previously under used asset for the purpose, can now be used for display and that stretches of ordinary ceiling tiling can be replaced by something extraordinary instead.

The design also makes project implementation easier. Retrospective installations are made very simple, and installations in yet to be built environments made more affordable. The ceiling tile technique also makes it very easy to move displays about to suit changes in floor layout.

In the corporate environment, striking content can be used above boardroom tables for high impact effect or the ceilings in reception areas can be brought alive with suitable content whether corporate or artistic.Retailers are also potential candidates for this product, as it enables them to use ceilings for general display or to highlight special merchandising areas directly underneath the screens.

The technology means suburban shopping centres can get a massive makeover at a modest cost. Airports and railway stations can use ceiling display space to relay important information to travellers in transit. Visitor centres can use ceilings as large format displays when wall space is limited.

CI is the exclusive agent for this product in Australia, and enquiry is welcome from architects and designers as well as direct from end users such as retailers, corporations, local government, universities, schools, hospitals and airports.

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