Ci offers a range of digital media and display products to suit a wide variety of applications. No other range is as comprehensive. Ci can also help you succeed with content creation.

There are LED display screens for outside or inside buildings, including varieties that are light & air transparent or those that are flexible and able to be suspended in mid-air. All leading brands of LED display are available though Ci and each rates Ci highly as a project partner.

It’s not all LED. Ci also offers LCD walls, LCD digital signage, kiosk supply, two way IPTV systems and sophisticated wayfinding. Ci’s custom control and operations room is another popular service.

Some of the technologies Ci offer are exclusive such as the globally acclaimed Videro content management system and the multizone interactive LED walls it enables. Other such exclusives include animated signposts and ceiling tile LED panels.

Ci can also help you succeed with content creation.

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