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Primary and secondary schools, TAFE’s, Universities and recreation facilities all face an increasing need to provide an organised and secure parking solution for skateboards and scooters.  Cora products offer an easy and attractive facility for users to safely store and lock their wheels.

Methven continues to set new standards in manufacturing, using lead-free Eco Brass® in our latest collections. This revolutionary high quality, high strength material is lead and heavy metal free*, therefore helps to preserve water quality for both consumption and bathing.

EcoBrass® has a greater corrosion resistance than traditional brass, creating a product that helps to protect the user from any additional heavy metals entering their water supply, especially lead. This material goes beyond current Australian compliance requirements and truly sets new standards in tapware. The increased durability and quality of EcoBrass® is paired with quality ceramic cartridges which further ensures strength and longevity.

Our Aio, Surface and Turoa tapware collections are all crafted from lead-free materials to ensure minimal exposure to toxicity.

The HS1000 Rapid Roll is a versatile high speed door. This door uses a single-phase PLC control system and includes as standard

  • Variable speed control
  • Soft start soft stop
  • User friendly touch screen operation
  • adjustable hold open timers

There are a range different options including:

  • Battery backup
  • Different options for switching/operation.
  • LH or RH motor configuration, along with a “corridor mount” in situations of restricted side space.

Technical Features Include:

  • Uses a 900gsm or 1400gsm fire retardant Polyskin panel
  • Uses strong column extrusions
  • Suitable for internal or external use
  • Maximum size of 36sq metres
  • Can be made to span over 7m in width
  • Optional flexible bottom rail for safety
  • Can withstand wind speeds around 70-80km/h (opening width dependent)
  • Various colour options

Colour Chart:

Activation and Safety Sensors
Our high speed doors can be fitted with a range of activation options including:

  • Pushbuttons – mainly for pedestrian traffic.
  • Pullcords – for either pedestrian or Forklift traffic.
  • Induction Floor Loops – Working on a magnetic field, a great option for Forklifts, metal trolleys etc. Can be used in conjunction with pushbuttons. Requires floors be saw cut to insert induction loop cables.
  • Remote Control – suitable for pedestrians or Forklifts, also good for restrictive entry.
  • IR Motion Sensors – Suitable for all kinds of traffic. Special purpose sensors can be used which only operate if an object is determined as moving towards the door.
  • PE Sensor – only used when requiring a very defined activation area.
  • Swipe Cards – Client supplied cards can be connected to our doors
  • Integration with machinery – Our doors can be integrated with machinery from e.g. conveyors and carwashes

Our doors are often fitted with two types of Activation. Furthermore, our operation systems can also be integrated with many existing security systems.

The TRAFFIC DOOR by The Australian Trellis Door Co. is a custom-made, high impact heavy-duty door.

Traffic doors provide a barrier between two areas. They are designed to be opened by impact. They can close automatically from either direction.  They open from either direction as they are impacted by trolleys, pallet jacks, forklifts etc. They can span 3000mm high by 2500mm wide, and can be made as either single or double doors.

Traffic doors speed up the movement of people and stock between parts of a building as they avoid the need to stop, open, move through and manually close like traditional door types.  After passing through, the door automatically swings closed.

Traffic Doors are popular for:

  • Supermarkets
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Retail stores
  • Clinical production areas.
  • Between the office and store room or warehouse
  • Food preparation area to cold storage area
  • Between customer seating areas and the kitchen

Technical Information

  • Windows in standard double glazed with clear polycarbonate
  • Optional stainless steel or polyethylene kick plates
  • Option of spring bumpers in black, yellow, grey or kick plates.
  • Removable perimeter gasket

Material of door panel/surface:

  • 40mm panel
  • Strong 2mm ABS surface filled with PU foam for insulation.
  • Optional colour range
  • 20mm panel in marine ply

Rubber gaskets are installed between the door and jamb, as well as in the centre, ensuring seal around doors.

These doors come with an optional adjustable spring system allowing 180 degree swing with automatic close.  Alternatively for the 20mm panels, a V-cam hinge system can be supplied, with swing 180° or optional 270° swing.

The Geostone Coloured range can be designed using a variety of different colours. We know that it can be difficult to find the perfect option for your space, so we have tried to make it a bit easier with our online search options. You can search for different colours and the coloured concrete price. You can choose the colour based on your home’s specific look or mimic a style that you want to emulate.

No matter what your parameters are, you can find the perfect solution right here. If you cannot find what you are looking for online, you can contact us for assistance. We will be happy to explore all your options with you in order to find the perfect colours and pricing for your space and renovation. Call us today.

Our standard Folding Arm Awnings, Siena type  is the most durable, economical and versatile of the range, suitable for many different fixing structures.

The features of the standard Siena Folding Arm Awnings include:

  • Components available in 3 standard colours – White, Ivory, Silver and Onyx and can be powder coated, if required.
  • The pelmet is available in colorbond colours.
  • A wide choice of plain and striped colours are available in the recommended acrylic fabric.
  • The awnings can be operated manually from outside via a gear mechanism with detachable crank handle, or motorised with either a switch or remote control.  An automatic option is also available with wind, sun and rain sensors if required.
  • The awning can also come with a manual ‘pitch’ adjustment which adjusts the angle between horizontal to 40 degrees.
  • Sizes are available up to12 metres width with 4 metre projection.

For standard Folding Arm Awnings Melbourne residents love, call us now.

Shadewell Cedar Venetian Blinds are made from premium Canadian Western Red Cedar, which creates a warm atmosphere, ensuring comfort, privacy, style, ease of operation, and total protection from the harsh sunlight. These high quality timber blinds are available in different styles and colours to match the room temperature and decor, and in a various range of sizes depending on the size of application.

+ Made from warm-toned Canadian Western Red Cedar
+ Includes a full cedar head box, base buttons and acorns
+ Timber colours: light, medium and dark cedar
+ Finished in Danish oil, which protects from stain, paint, and lime
+ Available in 34, 46 or 60 mm wide blades
+ Optional deluxe range which has thick blades, allowing for total blind width of 3600mm.

A variety of depths, door styles and installation heights make the Counterline Series the perfect solution for restaurants, commercial kitchens and foodservice areas with non-Gastronorm chiller requirements.

Designed for busy bars and hospitality venues. Keep your customers happy with cool, clean glasses.

  • Quickly chill glasses, straight from the dishwasher
  • Self-closing door for hands-free, hassle-free use
  • Easy to use digital controller
  • Save energy at night with added insulation
  • Best suited to: Restaurants / Cafes, Clubs / Pubs / Bars, Hospitality / Venues, Accommodation

Innovative, Reliable & Simple to Maintain

Our modular and self-contained Ice Makers offer superior energy efficient solutions that respond to the needs of the demanding food service, grocery and hospitality industries.

The self-contained ALFA model is designed to fit under standard commercial benchtops so are ideal for small spaces. These models are compact, taking up less floor and wall space for a more efficient work flow in the kitchen.

Our GALA and SPIKA ranges of modular Ice Makers are built to keep face with the the most demanding situations. They’re ideal for warm climates and busy establishments that need large quantities of ice.

Extend your indoors, outdoors

When it comes to extending your living space with an outdoor covered patio or pergola, COLORBOND® steel is an ideal solution because it integrates perfectly with your home, is durable, strong and easy to maintain. And with 22 colours to choose from, it has never been easier to get the look you want.

Thanks to the five layer design of COLORBOND® steel, you can look forward to long life performance too, as it resists chipping, flaking and blistering, is corrosion resistant, non-combustible and termite resistant.

Patios and pergolas made from COLORBOND® steel come in a range of designs allowing for excellent spanning capabilities, requiring minimal posts and rafters. Roofs can be flat or pitched and specialist manufacturers can supply them as engineered systems, with all the necessary drawings and information to assist with the council approval process. Many manufacturers can arrange to have your patio or pergola installed for you by a qualified installer – or they may supply it in kit form for you to ‘do it yourself’. To find a supplier, please use the locator tool below.

Complement your roof with COLORBOND® steel gutters, fascia and downpipes

Whether your home has a COLORBOND® steel roof or not, COLORBOND® steel is a good choice for your gutter, fascia and downpipes. You can perfectly match or complement your roof colour and other building materials and, when maintained and installed correctly, be confident of long lasting performance. Available in the full range of 22 colours, our latest generation COLORBOND® steel gutter, fascia and downpipes are made with the same five-layer system as our roofing, bringing you the benefits of Activate® technology, and the reassurance of 50 years of COLORBOND® steel testing under harsh Australian conditions.

Gutter, fascia and downpipes made from COLORBOND® steel come in a wide range of styles, sizes and profiles, designed to look great and protect your home from the challenges of the harsh Australian climate. These profiles vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and you can view a range of guttering profiles on the SteelSelect™ website. Of course, your supplier or installer should also be able to advise you one what profile and size is most appropriate for your application. For installers and suppliers we have a Gutter Capacity Tool here on the SteelSelect™ website.

The versatile way to create more space for your home and family

Whether you’re thinking of a small backyard lock-up for your tools and gardening bits, a medium-sized garage with some work space, or even an expansive structure as part of your farm or business, a shed is the most cost-effective way of gaining highly usable space in a reasonably short time.

COLORBOND® steel, being lightweight, durable and easy to maintain is an ideal choice, and coming in a huge variety of prefabricated designs can be configured to your exact needs, providing the perfect balance of looks, cost, ease of building and recyclability. COLORBOND® steel shed suppliers can also customise a shed for added convenience, comfort and security. This includes different doors, windows, colours, profiles, lighting, overhangs and shelving options.

Check with your shed supplier that the design of your shed meets the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) and relevant Australian Standards, and is engineered for your site conditions and usage needs (they should be able to provide evidence of compliance to these requirements). Also, many shed suppliers are involved in ShedSafe, an accreditation scheme managed by the Australian Steel Institute, designed to assist shed buyers in making an informed purchase decision. Click here to go to the ShedSafe website to learn more about it.

Turoa, Methven’s latest collection, includes showers, tapware and matching accessories to complete any bathroom. Inspired by familiar forms and materials, Turoa’s VJet shower features a modern minimalist aesthetic where technology and visual form complement each other.

Turoa’s cleverly hidden channels create spirals of water that flow through the nozzles across the entire shower head. Its smooth handset slider allows you to activate a seamless spray transition – personalized by you- from a firm, invigorating shower spray, to a gentle, enveloping warmth and everything in between. Whether you’re in need of revitalization, relaxation or simply getting clean, VJet® is the first shower uniquely tailored by you.

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, which is both stylish and durable, the Turoa showers are designed to last. Methven’s selected long-lasting stainless steel because I can be re-purposed, allowing for future reuse and reconditioning. Another considered step towards sustainability and our pursuit for a circular economy.

These qualities combined add up to a champion; and as such, this shower is the winner of both the Australian Good Design Best in Class and The Red Dot Product Design Award 2018 – reaffirming Methven’s global leadership in shower design and technology.

The next generation of showering has arrived.

Introducing Aurajet- Methven’s most advanced, most invigorating shower experience ever, that turns conventional showering on its head.

Invisible nozzles generate individual jets of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces hidden within the contours of the unique halo-shaped showerhead. The result is a stunning fan of luxuriously dense droplets that delivers a highly efficient shower with 20% more spray force and twice the amount of water contact on your skin than a conventional shower*, generating enveloping warmth.

Winning over 25 local and international design awards, including the Red Dot Best of the Best award in 2017, Aurajet® technology is available in two unique designs- halo designed Aio, or in the soft-square shaped Rua. Committed to saving water, Methven’s breakthrough spay technology uses as little as nine litres per minute, eliminating the need to compromise saving water for a luxurious shower experience.

Products in this collection include:

  • Twin Shower System
  • Overhead Shower
  • Rail Shower
  • Hand Shower
  • Wall Shower

*compared to a conventional shower

The Escape MKII collection by Methven is a solid architectural and sustainable design that’s as practical as it is beautiful. This ranges organic curves meshed with crisp edges mix classical form with modern design accents, creating a timeless look that’s a statement piece in any bathroom.

Constructed with clean lines and a strong, dynamic form, this collection also features Methven’s renowned Satinjet® technology, offering a full-bodied spray for all-over warmth and maximum body contact. Satinjet® technology’s colliding twin jets produce over 300,000 droplets of water per second to deliver voluminous shower coverage, resulting in an immersive, full-body experience. A unique function of the showers within this range is the added Satinjet® massage function, offering a more powerful spray with a touch of opulence.

Products in this collection include:

  • Twin Shower System
  • Overhead Shower
  • Rail Shower
  • Hand Shower
  • Wall Shower

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