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Johnson Window Films have been established manufacturers of purpose-designed window films for more than thirty years. The company’s window films for residential solar control offers optimum control inside the house for thermal and visual comfort.  Solar control is established room to room by reducing glare and achieving heat rejection specified by customers.  The films can also be finished to match any aesthetic with a wide variety of shades to choose from and can either provide  visual privacy or maximum visibility.  On top of producing quality products, Johnson Window Films welcome customer consultations with one of their specialists to ensure the correct film is chosen, saving time and money.  

Range of residential film options  +  Scratch resistant film  +  Easy-to-care  +  Special warranty that includes care and cleaning tips for window film  


Daylight Natural  +  Sunset Bronze  +  Solar Silver  +  ScenicView  +  NightScape  +  Palisade  +  Architectural  +  Specialty Series

Slimline Shutters are suitable for providing privacy, shade, and insulating against heat. This system consists of elliptical louvre blades that are made from aluminium, incorporating linkage rods to ensure a high-quality and elegant system with no need for external control rods. These shutters are available in both manually operated and motorised configurations, with a powder coated or anodised finish.

Several building designers are using huge operable glass roofs with the objective of providing maximum space all year round. With AGP Architectural Glass Projects’ motorised sliding roofs, silent electric motors open and close the roof to provide sunlight and ventilation, or somplete weather protection. The systems are also available with optional rain and wind sensors, providing automatic closing in bad weather. AGP motorised sliding roofs come with custom-built framing and can either be site or factory glazed.

Adjustable, motorised awnings provide privacy without stopping light penetration. In an open position they provide protection against mid-day sun and allow for unobstructed views. Custom-fabricated awnings are controlled through electric actuators made out of mild steel frames, and rafters are available in a spectrum of materials.

AGP has gained expertise as well as experience in designing and installing underwater viewing windows. These windows have already been used in numerous high-profile applications. During the 2000 Olympics at the Sydney International Aquatic Centre, where they provided breathtaking images of the finest swimmers in the world. Similarly, Sea World along the Gold Coast lets visitors view polar bears swimming in a safe environment via underwater viewing windows. The former project involved a simple port hole windows providing access for television cameras, while the latter was large glass panels that needed to withstand the tremendous forces exerted by 300kg polar bears. No matter what the conditions or special requirements are, AGP has the expertise and the experience to design and install underwater viewing windows to suit.

Privacy is often a key concern in projects with extensive glazing, but curtains and blinds can block the view and ruin the overall effect. The ideal solution is AGP’s UMU Switchable Privacy Glass, which is translucent when power supply is absent, then returns to a transparent state when the power is switched back on. This permits light to penetrate while simultaneously preventing vision through glass. Architectural Glass Projects’ Switchable Privacy Glass is ideal for residential and commercial applications, and is especially suited to boardrooms, doors, and windows.

Specialist Structural Glass Assemblies are one of the most complicated kinds of projects to be undertaken in the industry. AGP Architectural Glass Projects are experts when it comes to designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing complex structures need immense planning, experience, and skill. Design and construction of glass assemblies can be done in various ways, so as to accommodate monetary constraints and best meet the aesthetic requirements of projects. One such option from AGP includes suspended glazing with a horizontal or vertical catinary cable truss system, for a dramatic, modern effect.

Motorised louvres provide a practical solutions for sun control, with each louvre panel fully adjustable individually through computer controls. The motorised louvres can also be grouped in various zones to allow for automatic positioning all through the day. To ensure convenient access to louvres for servicing and cleaning, motor service gantries are also available, as are customised louvres for speciality projects.The louvre panels can easily be lifted-up or slid away, so that diverse solutions can be acquired for specific project requirements.

The Fullview Series of Operable Glass Facades are 100% supported by glass fins with the objective of providing unobstructed vision and optimum clarity. This concept was used by Renzo Piano, an Italian architect working on the Macquarie Apartments in Sydney. This building is the only one of its kind: a glass façade that has been motorised to completely open up a room in great weather and protect against unsuitable environments. These louvres are capable of opening and closing in just 5 seconds. Noise arising out of city traffic can also be eliminated.

Fineline XP Operable Glass Facades can help a great deal in enhancing existing facades, with extra protection features added to create a system that is better suited to protect against inclement weather when compared to standard glass louvre systems on the market. Fineline XP Operable Louvre blades are usually composed of toughened glass of 12 mm that seal vertically by closing onto bulb seals which run the full-length of mullions. The system can also achieve horizontal weather protection between every louvre blade by fitting a bulb seal over the bottom edge of every louvre blade.

AGP Fineline Series operable glass facades has been favoured by various architects in numerous apartment buildings to ensure a striking and clean appearance along with functionality. Louvres facilitate use and enjoyment of balcony spaces all year round, assuring protection and safety from the weather. They are actively supported by vertical aluminium mullions with operating mechanisms, with a clearance of 20mm between mullions and louvres. The result is a frameless, clean, glass louvre façade that will look great and work reliably for years to come.

The BSL4 Window System is quite similar to BSL2 and BSL3 Window Systems, but stand out as the only round or porthole style Sealeck bio-containment window. Sealeck bio-containment window systems are ideal for use in research and manufacturing facilities which need window and door systems that ensure bio-security as well as durability, security, and good aesthetics. The Sealeck BSL4 window system is available in a range of metal surface door leaf models which start with powder coated and lower cost seamed edge choices, through to seamless stainless steel models.

Sealeck Blast resistant windows have been designed to compliment Sealeck Blast Doors, to minimise the effects which occur in the case of accidental blast damage. These blast-resistant windows, available in a range of surface finishes, have been tested in actual blast conditions at Woomera Rocket Range, where a 5000 Kg TNT blast is detonated at a distance of 68 m from the window, installed in concrete bunker. Sealeck Blast Windows are best suited to use in industrial and commercial applications where there is a risk of blast exposure, such as mining site buildings, gas plants, or high security government facilities.

Designed to fit into preformed wall opening + Is supplied with its own counter section + Extra joinery not required + Can be easily supplied with voice grills to enable easy communication + Available with powder coated finish

BSL4 or PC4 Door Systems have been engineered to meet the most rigorous conditions laid down by PC4/BSL4 Bio-containment levels. The BSL4 Door System features a completely seamless polished framing system and stainless steel door leaf, full-perimeter electromagnetic locking, computer access control system, and a pneumatic inflatable edge seal which can be easily incorporated into a laboratory air supply. Sealeck's BSL4/PC4 Door System suits applications involving stud wall or masonry, and is targeted to preventing bacterial entrapment, thereby simplifying fumigation and cleaning procedures.

Size: 2900 mm (H) X 1400 mm (W) + Flat threshold width: 1000 mm

Sealeck BSL2 window systems are designed to conform with PC2 or BSL2 Bio-containment standards. This window system consists of 2-part frame system along with jambs and sloped sills, which can be pre-fitted or factory glazed to the walls. Ideal applications include research and manufacturing facilities which need window and door systems that ensure bio-security as well as durability, security, and good aesthetics. The Sealeck BSL2 window system is available in a range of metal surface door leaf models which start with powder coated and lower cost seamed edge choices, through to seamless stainless steel models.

Width varying between 1200 mm and 2400 mm + Height: 1200 mm + Size varying between 1500 mm and 3000 mm + Meets AS-2343 standard

The 200 Series Window Frames for Adjustable Louvres is a range of window frames designed to fit adaptable louvres in to metal clad, masonry constructions, or stud walls. In metal clad building applications, the frame makes way for external as well as internal trim, with the object of flushing (internally) and weatherproofing (externally). The clips are manufactured from durable injection-moulded polypropylene, ensuring superb draught resistance and silent operation. By combining a louvre system and remote operator with the Sealeck 200 Series Windows, even the highest windows can admit proper natural ventilation control.

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