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Aluminium Double Hung Windows by Wintec offer practical modern window security without compromising the style of your building. Select either the reliable standard window stile or the wide Federation stile according to aesthetic preference; both elongated and Australian made to a structural rating of 1200Pa for long lasting weather endurance. Standard offers chic minimalist design while Federation offers decorative horns for decor compatibility in new and refurbished homes.   


Strong and secure windows  +  Removable security & insect screens from inside the building  +  2 sash types available  +  Standard and Federation wide stile

Standard:  Hollow rails for added strength  +  Stiles are flush  +  Clear sight lines  +  Built in extruded handles in both top & bottom sash  

Federation (Wide stile): Wide sash stiles replicate that of timber double hung windows  +  Dual window colour combinations  +  Decorative window horns


Aluminium double hung window  +  Frame size: 48 mm (w)  +  61.5 mm (w) (With flyscreen channel)  +  1200Pa Structural Rating  +  Water penetration resistance rating of 200 Pa 

Double glazed windows are an essential consideration for buildings in the harsh Australian sun as well as energy savy specifiers. Wintec’s Double Glazed Sliding Windows improve home cooling by up to 48%, as well as home heating by up to 32%. Their hollow section construction combined with heavy-duty, non-corrosive double wheel rollers, which come standard on all Wintec double glazed sliding windows, gives added strength and security to the owner. This smooth operating window is fit to last, whether as a sliding window for the kitchen or living room.   


Long lasting sliding window  +  Rounded stiles for strength  +  Will not catch on window coverings  +  Safe and easy clean flat sill window design (wide & low)  +  No exposed edges or internal projection of transom sections  +  Genuine Wintec handles  +  Sliding window handles operate in the direction of the sash movement  +  Handles available in a range of colours  +  Ergonomic design for easy elderly & disabled use


Frame size width: 65mm  +  Maximum size configuration: 2500mm (h) x 4800mm (w)  +  Water penetration resistance pressure rate: 330Pa  +  Glazing up to 18mm

Available optionals: Multi position vent locking  +  Standard or barrel key locking available  +  Insect & security screens

Wintec Louvre Windows are a simple way to add a touch of light to a room at the control of the user. Whether full natural light or restricted beams are required, multiple banks of louvers are available to be connected in multiple configurations. Choose from glass louvres, timber louvres or powder coated finishes to suit your personal décor and window application needs.   


Multiple banks of louvres can be connected  +  Wintec Louvres are compatible with all Wintec products  +  Insect and security screen window track built into frame  +  No unpainted or exposed edges on the inside faces


Maximum size: 2700mm (h) x 5400mm (w)

Louvre blades available in: Aluminim powder coated finishes  +  Glass  +  Timber

The ALSPEC View-Max window offers maximum views and design flexibility in one cost effective and versatile product. Customisable to suit fixed flush glazing, double hung windows, awning windows, or sliding doors, the View-Max is suitable for commercial and residential projects alike.

Locking, roller, and drainage systems are also incorporated into the View-Max system, rendering it the superior choice for thermal and acoustic performance.

A feat of engineering excellence, the ecoWALL 225 is a 225mm profile providing an alternative to conventional 250mm steel frame systems.

The reinforced subheads and anti-buckling technology of the aluminium system are highly efficient and visually streamlined, and compatible with single or double glazing. Featuring self draining subsills to eliminate water leakage, the ecoWALL 225 is the complete system for commercial or residential application.

ALSPEC’s range of Solar Control products include the F57, a fixed elliptical blade system for the exterior of buildings and the A89 adjustable blade system for internal and external use. The Air-flo adjustable glass louvre system puts you in control of your home environment without restricting the view. Control the amount of air movement from a gentle breeze to wide open ventilation with a simple touch of the easy-to-use operating handles.

Energy efficient and cersatile, the ecoFRAMEplus is the ideal system for the environmentally conscious. Available in two frame depths, 101.6mm and 150mm x 50mm, ecoFRAMEplus allows a frame to transform from double to single glazed with ease. Glazing could not be simpler with the colour coded wedges to deal with the many diverse glass options. With the use of heavy duty mullions the ecoFRAMEplus 150mm can allow heights to reach and surpass 4.0m depending upon wind loading conditions.

Ideal for shopfront use, The McArthur Centre Pocket Glazing System is the most popular and flexible of the ALSPEC Commercial range With its straight cuts and centre pocket glazing the McArthur not only looks good, but is easy to fabricate and install. Available in two frame depths,101.6mm and 150mm x 44.4mm, McArthur is suitable for a range of glass thicknesses.

The ideal economical fixed glazing suite for both internal and external locations, the Derwent 76mm x35mm Centre Pocket Framing is the lightest and most slim line of the multi-purpose ALSPEC Architectural Suites. With its straight cuts and pocket glazing the Derwent not only looks good, but is easy to fabricate and install. Suitable for a range of glass thicknesses, its self-draining sub sills solve water leakage problems.

Vantage Aluminium Joinery aluminium windows and doors are locally designed and manufactured. All systems cater perfectly to the Australian climate and building conditions, offering superior strength, durability, weather performance and aesthetics. 

From the design and testing of every window and door system, to manufacture and delivery by over 150 fabricators across Australia, the Vantage network have built a positive and innovative reputation unsurpassed with architects, designers, builders and homeowners.

With market leadership and over 35 years of operation in the Australasian market, the Vantage team can be relied upon to provide you with high quality, high performance products which will stand the test of time.

Single-minded dedication to customer service and product quality is the foundation of the Vantage philosophy.


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ThermalHEART™ is the technology that lies at the core of a new thermally efficient range of commercial and high-end residential aluminium window and door systems developed by Architectural Window Systems (AWS). ThermalHEART™ window and door systems are thermally broken to deliver improved energy efficiency for commercial buildings. ThermalHEART™ commercial windows and doors are up to 51% more thermally efficient than standard non-thermally broken aluminium commercial framing.

The thermal break in ThermalHEART™ windows and doors is created using a polyamide strip between the aluminium exterior and interior elements. Polyamide is an excellent thermal insulator. The thermal break minimises the transfer of heat and cold through the aluminium window frame, giving the thermally broken aluminium window excellent insulation properties. Polyamide has very similar expansion rates to aluminium, ensuring ThermalHEART™ extrusions maintain excellent structural integrity.


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Elevate™ Aluminium Systems philosophy is simple: to create high performance commercial aluminium window and door systems that offer streamlined and efficient solutions to the commercial construction and high-end residential market.

Architects and their clients are constantly exploring new ways to express themselves and interact with their surroundings. In answer to this need, the Elevate™ range is continuously evolving and developing cutting-edge products and systems that raise the bar and inspire great outcomes.

The Elevate™ Aluminium Systems range is an innovative selection of aluminium framing, commercial and architectural products that deliver superior performance, reliability, expansive panel sizes and contemporary architectural styling. Designed and tested for Australian conditions, Elevate™ Aluminium Systems also offer enormous design flexibility, making them ideal for any climate or environment.


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CR Laurance’s common tools, accessories, and hardware for screens, patios, storm doors and windows has grown in a span of 40 years.  The extensive collection has all the units that construct a built opening for sliding doors, hinged opening, glazing, security, balances, metre tools.  As a supplier CR Laurence, have nearly every product you could possible need when constructing a building, be it commercial or residential.  The company has worked with architectural companies and have specified for large and small scale projects and are known for their competitive prices.  CR Laurence’s extensive range comes in many variations and colours in singular components or a complete screen system.


Provide an extensive range  +  For whole sale  +  Can specify for large or small scale projects or refer to distributor if not business or industry related  +  Collected knowledge and products for over 40 years

TintFX offers a wide range of solar films that help reduce energy cost and enhance the working environment.

Solar film provides sustainable and cost effective solutions. It maintains indoor temperatures by significantly rejecting solar heat transmitted through glass and windows.  Solar film can mean a 30% saving in cooling air conditioning usage.

Shattered glass can be the result of theft, vandalism or the weather, and TintFX has a solution that promotes the safety of residential and commercial buildings. Armocoat by TintFX is a protective film which reinforces glass areas so that shards remain in place.  This means that internal spaces are harder to penetrate and replacing broken glass is no longer a messy job.  Additionally, an equally valued quality is Armocoat’s ability to provide beneficial solar and UV protection, as well as being able to help create comfortable temperature levels for internal spaces. This is a product that is essential to buildings in many levels.  


Improved safety  +  option of  solar and ultraviolet rays protection  +  keeps the temperature of internal spaces controllable and stable 

TintFX’s ‘Decorative’ Film is not only a range of aesthetic-based ornamental glass treatments,  being a technique that experiments with transparency, and ultimately privacy as well.  The film is available in clear or computer cut frost; black and white opaque options; and, colour films.  The computer cut frosted film creates an opportunity to fabricate uniquely designed patterns, which may express corporate identity or simply transform the work atmosphere by playing with the way staff peer through the windows as well as the way light travels into the space.  Walls can be replaced with evocative and light encouraging windows whilst still maintaining a sense of privacy.


Removes the problem of glare without blinds  +  available in a large range  +  sense of privacy  +  reduces the use of electrical lighting and power consumption 

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