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  • An ideal way to utilise natural light and airflow or perfect to divide that special room and create a unique interior design.
  • Blade heights can be 152mm or 102mm high, both with 6mm glass.
  • 130mm overall aluminium window frame (138mm minimum recommended reveal frame with 130mm frame).
  • Installed as a single frame or ideal for combination styles with hinge doors, fixed lites or sliding doors.
  • Ergonomic curved handles as standard.
  • Handles can be placed in high or low, left or right position of the window.
  • All glazing options are Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) rated, providing a wide range of energy efficient solutions.
  • Acoustic solutions available.
  • Complies with Australian Standards – AS2047 and AS1288. Options for Fall Prevention compliance are available.

Maximising space in your home is effortless with custom made bifold windows. Folding back the window panels will instantly transform your living and entertainment areas. Letting in natural light and fresh air from your outdoor surroundings will enhance the atmosphere in any room. Expansive living is achievable with Trend® bifold windows.

Cedar bifold windows can be custom designed to your individual taste and specifications so that you can take full advantage of your surroundings.

  • Awning windows are great for creating a sense of size, letting you create a broad expanse of glass that makes the most of natural surroundings.
  • Ideal for combination styles, where Synergy® awning windows can be coupled with fixed lites.
  • 48mm awning window sash section, which has a continuous hinge hood as standard. Perfect to protect from adverse weather conditions.
  • Stainless steel chain to stops windows slamming, while the hood protects against the elements.
  • Glazing available in single or double glazed units up to 18mm.
  • All glazing options are Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) rated, providing a wide range of energy efficient solutions.
  • Acoustic  and Bushfire solutions are available.
  • Complies to Australian Standards – AS2047 and AS1288.

Folding Arm Awnings require no frames, beams or posts for support, leaving the below area entirely free from obstruction. Ideal for providing sun and weather protection for your patio, terrace, balcony, outdoor entertainment area, café or restaurant.

Folding Arm Awnings are a practical solution to a big problem – Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. Durable and versatile in design and suitable for many different fixing structures. These awnings are available in widths up to 12 metres with a 4 metre projection and with either a manually or electronically operated gear mechanism. A large combination of colour options are on offer, and the pitch of the awning can also be manually adjusted when in use.

All awning frames are available in a standard colour range with the options upon request.

Stegbar’s new Alumiere range is a state-of-the-art suite of windows and doors that boasts a strong, bold profile. The range’s unique design incorporated a common mitred sash across all Alumiere windows, allowing the combination of any product within the suite to create a seamless and bespoke joinery look. The range includes Awning, Double-hung, Sliding, Stacking, Casement and Fixed Windows, as well as Stacking, Hinged and Sliding Doors and Screens.

  • Saves energy: offsets energy consumption in buildings and rejects unwanted ultraviolet and infrared light from entering the building
  • Provides onboard power: incorporates electronic functionality into windows without the need for wiring and expensive installation
  • Invisible: ClearView Power™ film covers vertical window surfaces without blocking the view or the quality of natural lighting

Opportunity: Building-integrated solar technologies are a promising pathway to capturing solar energy and increasing building efficiency at the point of electricity utilization. However, the widespread adoption of such technologies is severely hampered by the aesthetics associated with mounting traditional solar cells.

ClearView Power Solution: ClearView Power technology is an invisible, power-producing coating for windows. It provides a level of transparency to enjoy natural lighting and a view of surroundings while converting infrared and ultraviolet light into electricity to offset energy consumption. ClearView Power can also serve as an onboard source of electricity to autonomously power electronic smart window functionality.

The uber green BLL system emphasises architectural green-building and brings nature into the urban space whilst remaining the highest quality of louvre windows. Not only does this system reduce city noise, the system is also highly sustainable and versatile as it suits all building facades, such as office buildings, large industrial structures, residential buildings, airports or railway stations. The overall cost to implement the autonomously controlled modular irrigation systems and to maintain the system is alsovery sustainble, making the BLL system an innovative and stand-out building feature.

Bushfires in Australia are almost a common occurrence during the hotter months due to Australia’s hot and dry climate. The Alspec BAL40 aluminium range has been designed to withstand temperatures of up to 40kW without failure to the glazing system while complying with AS2047. Protection from ember attack and burning debris preventing internal ignition to the building prevents possible loss of homes from the start. A range of window and door handles, including ventlocks, security and fall prevention screens along with double glaze glass options for energy requirements or acoustic barriers are some of the additional features available to the complete Alspec BAL40 product range in catering for all requirements beyond bushfires. To view a list of BAL40 compliant products visit the brochures section.

Siteline windows are a unique combination of timber on the inside with an exterior of weatherproof durable aluminium. Giving you the warmth, beauty and energy efficiency of timber with all the benefits of weatherproof, low maintenance aluminium.

The beauty and versatility of Siteline is available in a range of windows that includes awning, casement, bi-fold, fixed and custom options.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

  • Siteline windows and doors are thermally broken so there use is ideal for homes where minimising cold and heat transfer is a priority.
  • The range of windows and doors are 6 star energy rated with your choice of double glazing or other energy efficient glass options.

Bushfire Safe

  • Bushfire certified for peace of mind – up to BAL 29.

Made To Suit All Homes

  • The Siteline range is available in a broad variety of aluminium colours, with the opportunity to supply your own custom colour also available.
  • Choice of Western Red Cedar or Auralast Solid Timber.
  • Anodised or powder coated aluminium.
  • The range of hardware consists of black, white and satin chrome.
  • The opportunities in the configurations of Siteline windows are doors are endless, they can be specified to suit any project and which provides the opportunity to integrate with any architectural style.

Western Red Cedar

Immensely valued for its distinctive appearance and natural resistance to decay, western red cedar is sourced from environmentally sustainable forests and is often the first timber of choice for many architects when it comes to windows and doors.

  • Energy efficient
  • Naturally resistant to termites
  • Doesn’t warp
  • Stunningly beautiful

The latest addition to Doric’s expansive range of window restricting safety devices, the DS259 is specifically designed for use with residential double hung windows. The innovative device streamlines the window restriction mechanism, restricting the opening range of the top and bottom sashes simultaneously. The distance to which the sashes can be opened is pre-determined at the time of installation.

The easy to install DS259 does not interfere with existing window balance mechanisms and features a key operated removable body that can be easily removed for cleaning or emergency egress. The double hung window restrictor can be keyed alike to suit other Doric locking devices, and is available either a complete kit to suit one window or a bulk trade pack of 20 restrictor bars compatible with the DS255.

Designed for easy installation into the top rail of sliding windows, the DS255 sliding window limiter lock from Doric is the ideal window safety device. The discreet and compact unit allows sliding windows to be restricted to an opening size pre-determined at the time of installation. Key lockable and with the ability to be keyed to suit other Doric locking devices, the key operated removable body can be quickly and easily separated from the window for cleaning or in the case of an emergency.

SGI Architectural prides itself on being one of Australia’s leading distributors for high-quality glass manufacturers from around the world.

With a wealth of experience in glass for projects focusing on hurricane resistance, acoustics, blast mitigation or high performance coatings, SGI Architectural is a gateway to specialised knowledge and the highest quality contacts within the glazing industry.

SGI Architectural is an established distributor of product ranges that include High Quality Low-E Coated Glass, Solar Reflective Coated Glass, Insulated Glass Units, Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass, High Quality Clear Float Glass, Tinted Glass and Silkscreen Glass.

With a number of significant small-scale and large-scale residential and commercial projects, SGI Architectural is a trusted name in glazing professionalism.

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