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Designed specifically for residential applications, the BST sliding window offers a high level of weather performance and smart styling.
Standard or lockable sash hardware can be selected as can multi-position vent locking options to secure the window in the open position if required. Full perimeter sash seals, high quality rollers and a wide range of configuration options make the BST sliding window a popular choice, capable of blending with a range of architectural styles.
Complementary awning and casement windows are also available to provide solutions to your various requirements.
Features & Benefits
-Thermally efficient frame design
-Range of performance options
-High quality roller system
-Lockable hardware options
-Integrated insect and security screening options

Keeping in line with the Safety Standard of Corded Internal Window Coverings regulation, all Verosol Blinds are installed with a child safety device.

Verosol’s QS Child Safety Device is high quality, with all moving parts constructed from stainless steel to prevent corrosion and the highly polished stainless steel wheel allows for smooth operation. The spring loaded mechanism keeps the chain under constant tension and the versatile design, as well as being aesthetically pleasing allows the device to be fitted in both a face fix and reveal fix application. The pivot action allows complete adaptability.

Available in White, Black, Barley or Silver Grey – make sure to request the QS Child Safety Device for your blinds.

  • An ideal way to utilise natural light and airflow or perfect to divide that special room and create a unique interior design.
  • Blade heights can be 152mm or 102mm high, both with 6mm glass.
  • 130mm overall aluminium window frame (138mm minimum recommended reveal frame with 130mm frame).
  • Installed as a single frame or ideal for combination styles with hinge doors, fixed lites or sliding doors.
  • Ergonomic curved handles as standard.
  • Handles can be placed in high or low, left or right position of the window.
  • All glazing options are Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) rated, providing a wide range of energy efficient solutions.
  • Acoustic solutions available.
  • Complies with Australian Standards – AS2047 and AS1288. Options for Fall Prevention compliance are available.

Featuring a variety of custom options, the Kona Series can be designed to suit a range of situations and shading requirements. Using simple square bar installation, the awnings can easily be installed in many different locations. Not only functional, the Kona Series focuses on stylish componentry to for a contemporary folding arm awning with designer aesthetics.


Modular design simplifying both manufacturing and installation.

Features Dyneema® tape connection for stability and strength.

User adjustable variable pitch on most models.

Heavy-duty retractable arms allow spans of up to 11 metres in width and up to 4 metres in projection.


The Kona Access Awning is an entry level folding arm awning which features compact and non-obtrusive quality components, offering a classic design in an elegant open roller style awning.


The Kona Classic Folding Arm Awning is available with a range of accessories that can be customised to suit almost any situation and décor. Utilising simple square bar installation, this product is easy to fit in a variety of different locations.


The Kona Design Folding Arm Awning showcases quality European style with designer finishes such as the pressure die casted end brackets, adding a polished, premium elegance to the awning.


The Kona Rise Folding Arm Awning features a fabric beam that creates an awning with good clearance under the inner part of the arm, allowing space for doors whilst maintaining excellent shading performance.


The Kona Semi-Cassette Folding Arm Awning design features a semi-enclosure for superior fabric protection, increasing the longevity of the awning fabric. The semi-cassette design also provides a uniform hardware look when the awning is projected and retracted, as the awning fabric on the roller tube is not visible providing a streamlined finish.


The Kona Cross-Over Folding Arm Awning is ideal for narrow spaces. It features cross-over arms enabling a larger projection on a narrow width awning, to create the same outdoor comfort and shade solution as offered by wider awnings.


The KF Awning retracts into a fully enclosed headbox providing the ultimate in hardware and fabric protection. With a projection up to 3.5 metres and a maximum width of 7 metres, this awning is suited to a variety of applications.

WHISPER® Shades Collection combines style, versatility and functionality to provide innovative cellular window covering solutions. Available in a range of operating systems and design options for ultimate light and privacy and light control, WHISPER® Shades Collection are the perfect solution for your window.


Want to save up to 32%* on your heating costs? Whisper Cellular Shades are designed with a unique honeycomb cell shape that creates pockets of energy-saving insulation. The cell construction traps air and makes it more difficult for heat energy to transfer in and out of the window, improving energy efficiency and reducing your heating and cooling costs in both Winter and Summer.


Whisper Cellular Shades are the ultimate in child safe window coverings offering innovative operating systems to enhance the safety of children and pets. Cords used to open and close blinds present a hazard to young children. Whisper Cellular Shades range have cordless and motorised operating options for an ultimate child-safe solution for your home and loved ones.


Made from anti-static durable, polyester that aids in the resistance of dust, Whisper Cellular Fabrics are easy to clean and are available in a range of colours, cell sizes and opacities. Whisper Fabrics have endured several tests to ensure their capability to withstand the test of time.


Minimal light gaps delivered by the headrail design and maximised outside views with slimline hardware and minimal stack size. Dust resistant fabrics provide easy maintenance and fabrics constructed with the unique D-Cell design ensures pleat retention.


Versatile range of innovative lifting systems suitable for various window styles including skylights and shapes.

WoodNature Blinds provide you the look of real wood, with the quality and durability of advanced technology that is resistant to discolouration and warping.

WoodNature blinds have been produced from Polystyrene for long term performance on the window. Polystyrene provides improved resistance to fading, cracking and peeling, allowing these blinds to be used in areas with high humidity, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.


The composition of WoodNature Blinds means they are easy to maintain. The slats can be easily wiped and cleaned with a damp cloth with no need to continually re-stain the blinds as you do with real wood.


WoodNature allows for wider tape spacing due to the thickness of the slats lending more strength to the overall blind. This means less tape is needed making the fabrication and installation process quicker, as well as having fewer cords visible through the blind producing a more visually appealing end result.


The V-Lift Operating System is one of the latest introductions to the Hunter Douglas hardware collection with a focus on innovative technology, child safety and quality design.

Without the need for complex release mechanisms, V-Lift allows you to raise or lower venetian blinds to any desired position by moving the bottom rail.

This is controlled by advanced motor gears designed for effortless and precise operation.

With a large range of colours, finishes and designs, Aluminium Venetians can easily be incorporated into any décor scheme.


Available in a range of modern designs and finishes in a variety of slat widths including 16mm, 25mm and 50mm.


Grouped slats that can be closed in a number of zones providing the ultimate in flexibility and comfort control.



Has been designed to eliminate light filtering through slats. The positioning of rout holes and closure of the slats provides minimal exposure of incoming light offering greater privacy and light control.


Has been designed to fit between glass panels of a double glazed window providing superior energy efficiency. Can be adjusted with a tilt control knob or remote control. Also available with an internal or external cord raise for maintenance purposes.



Raise and lower the blind by the use of a cord.


Offers a cordless operating system for the 16mm Micro and 25mm Slimline Venetian Blinds that is the ultimate child-safe control option suitable for blinds up to 4m2.

Stegbar’s new Alumiere range is a state-of-the-art suite of windows and doors that boasts a strong, bold profile. The range’s unique design incorporated a common mitred sash across all Alumiere windows, allowing the combination of any product within the suite to create a seamless and bespoke joinery look. The range includes Awning, Double-hung, Sliding, Stacking, Casement and Fixed Windows, as well as Stacking, Hinged and Sliding Doors and Screens.

For hundreds of years people in countries around the Mediterranean have used external shutters as protection against the searing sun.

The Sonnenschutz range of side hung casement and sliding shutters reflect heat and sunlight before it reaches the building itself, to minimise solar gain. The ease of operation enables the homeowner to control the light levels in the building, and find a balance between enjoying the views, the need for privacy, and reducing heat gain within the building. The shutters fold back allowing for unhindered views.

Suitable for installation in both commercial and residential buildings, traditional and modern, the shutters allow significant energy savings, and are available in a range of designs and materials to complement any building.

Casement Shutters for window protection

Australians are starting to realise what people in the Mediterranean have understood for centuries: Shutters provide the best protection against the searing sun. Shade&Shield supplies a range of quality external shutters from traditional to the latest sliding and bi-fold trends. Options include fixed or operable lamella (louvres) within the leaf, and both flat and decorative panels in a range of colours.

Over 80% of the radiant heat from the sun stays inside the building envelope once it has passed through the glass. While this is great in winter, when you want to stay cool in summer it either is very uncomfortable or the bills for air conditioning get expensive! External shutters offer an excellent solution, allowing tailored control of heat and privacy.

In addition to energy efficiency and security, our aluminium casement shutters can also provide bushfire protection up to BAL-40 (in solid leaf).

Bushfire shutters for all BAL levels

Shade&Shield BAL-FZ shutters are Australia’s first and only bushfire Flame Zone approved fire-resistant shutters.

Shutters are available for all Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL’s) up to and including Flame Zone, and are tested and compliant to AS3959-2009 and AS1530.8.2. BAL-FZ compliance is achieved with a standard window fitted with 5mm toughened glass.

Our BAL-FZ shutters achieve this level of safety through a reinforced steel frame finished in durable powder coat, patented panel technology, secure multi-point locking system and intumescent seals.

Our range of quality Shade&Shield external shutters are available in many styles. Shutters are available in casement style (side opening leaves), up to 3500mm wide and 2400mm high. Other sizes and opening styles available on request, including sliding and top/bottom hinged. Base colour range is per Colorbond® standard range. Custom colours are available.

Shade&Shield  shutters can also reduce home heating & cooling costs, improving the energy efficiency of your home. 

Take Control of Heat, Light and Privacy

The current trend of large expanses of glass may impact on the energy efficiency of the building, allowing in heat and increasing the need for air conditioning. Did you know that external venetian blinds can reduce up to 88% of the sun’s radiant heat, while internal blinds can reduce only up to 46% and reflective curtains only up to 35%? 

Our External Venetian Blinds (EVB’s) have aluminium blades that can be angled to allow in light and block the sun’s radiant heat, or closed for 100% blockout. The blades sit in tracks running on either side of the window, and can be operated manually or automatically. Able to withstand wind speed of up to 100km/h, the EVB’s are available in a variety of blade shapes and colours, and in sizes up to 4500mm wide and 4000mm high. Integrated roll away flyscreens are available on certain options.

EVB’s provide optimum shading solutions for commercial and domestic applications. 

Compatible with incorporated fixed lights, operable awnings, and casement sashes, the AGS 35 series of windows from Capral is a highly flexible commercial window. Fully operable and with a comprehensive selection of framing options, the AGS 35 series is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Glazing options are varied, with the frames facilitating single, thick, and double glazing and supplied in square and bevelled sash and bead options. The high performance frames are available in multiple profiles, and feature a double sealed construction for assured weather sealing. 

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