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Transparent, virtually undetectable, and highly functional, the InfinityDS series of window films from ARMA is ideal for residential projects.

The highly durable films are resistant to scratches, fading, surface damage, and weathering, and block up to 78% of solar heat gain alongside 99% of UV rays. InfinityDS films are available in both neutral and bronze tints, and are a highly effective means of reducing levels of interior glare. 

Available in clear or tinted sun-control versions, the Safety Series of window films from 3M offers protection from glass breakages and shattering in case of impact or explosion. The exceptionally thin 7 or 8mm polyester films use a specially designed adhesive to hold together broken glass, reducing the risk of injury or forced entry by intruders.

Safety Series films are available in a selection of widths, and can be used in commercial and residential applications alike.

The latest in window film technology, Sun Control window films in 3M’s Prestige Series offer a clear external views and outstanding heat rejection for residential projects. Allowing up to 70% of visible light penetration, the window films reject up to 60% of solar heat gain, increasing interior comfort and lowering costs of heating and cooling.

Prestige Series films use a multi-layered, non-metallised optical film and nanotechnology to repel up to 97% of infrared light and 99.9% of damaging UV rays, preserving the colour of interior furnishings and fittings. Films in the series are available in a range of widths and for interior or exterior use.

Colourless, non-reflective, and virtually invisible, Armorcoat window films are the ultimate safety window film solution for office and residential windows.

Fabricated from a multi-layered, high tensile polyester and adhesive blend, the films are strengthened by ultraviolet inhibitors and scratch resistant coatings to provide excellent protection against blasts and impact. Armorcoat films keep broken glass shards in place whilst protecting interior furniture and fittings from fade damage due to sunlight exposure, and are supplied in thicknesses ranging between 2mm and 14mm.

Providing optimum daytime and nighttime clarity alongside excellent protection from damaging UV rays, TrueVue window films from Solar Gard are high performance reflective solar films ideal for offices.

The films reject up to 82% of solar heat gain, increasing interior comfort levels and reducing both the cost of air conditioning and an office’s carbon footprint by controlling hot spots and uneven temperature zones. TrueVue films allow glare reductions of up to 94%, and increase interior daytime privacy. The films are available in four different shades, and are supplied with a 10 year commercial warranty.

Cleargard’s glass safety film enhances the safety of standard glass windows, and is fully compliant with Australian and New Zealand Grade A-3 safety standards. 

A cost efficient addition to residential and commercial properties, glass safety films from Cleargard use a strong adhesive to prevent glass from shattering during accidents or as a result of other strong impacts. The adhesive also prevents glass fragments from falling out of the window frame and is virtually invisible, leaving views and external vision unaffected. 

Protecting glass from scratches, paint, permanent marks and scuffs, and damage caused by etching, Cleagard’s anti-graffiti films prevent vandalism without compromising views or glass clarity.

Suitable for application on new and existing glazing alike, the films are a virtually undetectable, cost efficient preventive measure ideal for commercial and civic projects.

Favoured by architects, designers, and constructors, Cleargard Australia is a leading domestic supplier of a broad selection of high quality glass window films.

Offering a wide catalogue of anti-glare and safety films, Cleargard is committed to delivering outstanding solar and thermal efficiency at cost effective prices and to suit the requirements of projects of all scales and sizes.

Ideal for multi residential, commercial, and corporate buildings, SilverDS window films from SunTek offer advanced UV protection without compromising optical clarity.

Providing unrivalled glare reduction and excellent solar performance, the fade and corrosion resistant films have been shown to block over 99% of damaging UV rays.

Offering low interior and exterior reflectivity and an attractive, subtle appearance, the InfinityLRDS series of architectural window films from SunTek is ideal for residential and commercial use.

Allowing uninterrupted views whilst providing excellent solar heat and UV protection, the fade and corrosion resistant window films are provided with an exclusive manufacturer’s warranty for all purchases.

Made in the USA as a subdivision of Commonwealth Laminating & Coating, Inc. (CLC), SunTek Window Films are a revolution in the manufacturing and marketing of solar control window films.

Offering the latest in window film manufacturing techniques and materials, SunTek’s catalogue of automotive, architectural, safety and security, and speciality window films is supplemented by a knowledgeable and experienced customer service team dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of any brief.

Offering the lowest reflectivity levels of any solar control film currently on the market, Night Owl architectural film reduces UV and glare without diminishing exterior views.

Specially designed for Australian conditions, Night Owl is non reflective, thus eliminating interior reflections caused by competing window film products. Dark from the outside but virtually undetectable from the inside, Night Owl creates enhanced interior privacy and blocks up to 52% of external solar energy.

Specially designed for use in industrial facilities, machinery, and automobiles, Industrial Tinting from Australian Tinting is a cost effective and long-lasting means of improving safety and reducing glare.

Forming an effective barrier against up to 99% of harmful UV rays and preventing glass from shattering in the case of impact or other damage, Australian Tinting’s industrial solar control films are an invaluable high performance addition to vehicles and facilities in industrial and mining environments. Industrial tint products keep vehicle and plant interiors cooler, reducing costs of heating and cooling and increasing levels of worker comfort.

Australian Tinting products for residential use are lighter than their counterparts for commercial and office application, yet maintain the same high levels of UV and heat reduction. Fully BCA compliant, the high clarity and light transmissive films block harmful UV rays year round, preventing colour fading of interior furnishings and fittings.

Residential products from Australian tinting are shatter resistant for enhanced home safety and are virtually undetectable, with low levels of light reflectivity and glare. Durable, long lasting, and posing significant reductions in energy consumption through heating and cooling, the films are available in clear or frosted variations, and can be customised to suit projects of any scale or nature. 

Australian Tinting supplies a wide selection of window tints and films for use in corporate and commercial environments. Offering significant reductions in solar heat gain, heating and cooling costs, and levels of glare and light reflection, the range of window tints are ideal for enhancing worker comfort and productivity.

Tints for commercial and office use can be rapidly installed at cost efficient prices, and block up to 100% of damaging UV rays whilst maintaining external views. The range of tinting products varies from clear to dark, and includes films that specifically target graffiti protection and glass safety.

TintFX offers a wide range of solar films that help reduce energy cost and enhance the working environment.

Solar film provides sustainable and cost effective solutions. It maintains indoor temperatures by significantly rejecting solar heat transmitted through glass and windows.  Solar film can mean a 30% saving in cooling air conditioning usage.

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