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Polysafe Vogue Ultra PUR is a vinyl flooring system that is Gold GreenTag certified and available in a range of 16 decorative colours, accented by a special surface furnish and co-ordinating chip decoration. In this system, silicon carbide, aluminium oxide, and quartz crystals are incorporated all through vinyl chloride, so as to improve traction and safety underfoot. As such, Polysafe Vogue Ultra is best-suited for use in areas where improved slip resistance is a significant consideration, such as WCs, washrooms, changing rooms, food preparation areas, sluice rooms and laundry, institutional applications, and canteens.

Scyon™ Interior Wet Area Flooring is a James Hardie innovation that combines the advantages of compressed sheeting with the installation ease of particleboard. Lighter than traditional compressed fibre cement, it is thick, astoundingly durable and easily workable. Considered to be the ‘next generation’ of wet area flooring, Scyon™ Interior Wet Area Flooring is made of the new Scyon™ reengineered concrete formulation utilising patented advanced technology. Until its release, interior wet area flooring solutions have been less than ideal. Having to rely on a protective membrane over particle board has left the door open to high rectification costs when membranes have broken and result in a leakage. On the other hand, whilst compressed sheeting performance in wet areas is excellent, difficulties associated with its workability and handling means that it is often not the first choice.

Scyon™ Interior Wet Area Flooring eliminates any need for compromise. Although 19mm thick and robust, it is 20% lighter than conventional 15mm compressed sheeting. It can be easily gun- and hand-nailed and so no pre-drilling is required. The tongue and groove jointing enables easy installation and butts up to other structural flooring products. Its water resistance is such that no floor waterproofing is required anywhere outside the enclosed shower area. It can be used throughout the internal floor areas of a home before roofing is applied overhead, enabling faster and more convenient access for trades.

Scyon™ Interior Wet Area Flooring has demonstrated resistance to permanent moisture-induced deterioration by passing water permeability, warm water, heat/rain and soak/dry tests in accordance with AS/NZS2908.2. It is resistant to damage from termites, fire, swelling, shrinking and cracking (when installed and maintained according to the company’s procedures) and conforms to AS 3740 – 2004 and BCA. As further proof of its phenomenal durability, if a building project is stalled, Scyon™ Interior Wet Area Flooring can be left exposed to the elements for up to three months when installed correctly. Dimensions are 1800mm x 900mm x 19mm. A 10 year product warranty applies to Scyon™ Interior Wet Area Flooring.

Floorsafe Bath and Shower Safe offers added safety and slip prevention in any bathtub or shower surface especially where the young, elderly or people with limited mobility are involved. Bath and Shower Safe offers a totally invisible grip effect to the complete base of the bath or the shower, and is suitable for porcelain and ceramic baths and tiled showers. Available is a single treatment 250ml pack for use at home, or a 5 litre packs for multiple treatments in applications such as hotels and healthcare facilities.

Lasts for more than ten years with correct care + Is more hygienic and is easy to clean than a bath mat or stick on tape + Safety is maintained + Heavenly fragrance + Is all purpose concentrated disinfectant cleaner + Simple to apply with no dry time

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