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PALOPAQUE is a flat UV-stabilised PVC sheet that is easily formed and fabricated, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

PALOPAQUE makes an excellent printing substrate for the advertising and signage industries and is suitable for digital or traditional printing. Breakthrough HYG technology adds active sanitation action for hospitals, clinics and laboratories. With excellent chemical resistance, high impact strength, and a high fire rating, PALOPAQUE will stand the test of time.

Main benefits:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Easily fabricated and formed
  • High fire rating: self-extinguishing
  • Glossy, Matt Hair-Cell or surfaces
  • High electrical and thermal insulation
  • Easily fabricated
  • Non-toxic
  • Available as a complete cladding system
  • PALOPAQUE HYG: Active hygiene
  • PALOPAQUE SF: Low static charge

Suitable applications:

  • Wall cladding
  • Advertising and signage
  • Applications in chemical plants
  • Sterile surfaces
  • Air ducts

The water tank does not need to be hidden away with Landscape Tanks' raised garden beds. The storage of rainwater happens underneath the garden beds.

– Attractive appearance.
– Convenient height for growing your favourite plants.
– 50mpa high grade concrete water tanks.
– Footings are not required for big savings.
– The raised garden beds may also be part of the retaining wall or front fence or even used around the pool.
– Easy installation and may be buried to a height that suits.
– Long lasting
– Adds that WOW factor to your property.
– May be painted or rendered to suit any decor.
– Planter tops drains to the rear.

Please Note:
Plumbing is the same as a normal rain water tank and they are joined together using an inbuilt patented “O” ring rubber seal. A PVC pipe is inserted between the tanks during installation for a watertight seal. It is possible to have the Landscape Tanks located anywhere around the property using a charged (or wet) system.

With this kind of OSD system, you won't need a traditional (and usually expensive) one. Landscape Tanks offers a simple, attractive cost effective solution and is popular.

– No need for a traditional OSD system
– Huge savings and WOW factor by turning it into a feature of the house
– Incorporate the OSD system into a retaining wall, pool surround or front fence.
– No footings required for simple and fast installation.
– Pre-engineered (empty) as structural retaining walls and front fences.
– Tanks come with their own engineering drawings for further savings.
– Above or below ground systems available.
– HED tank and trash/silt pit units available as required.
– Very high grade concrete (50 mpa) to last a lifetime.
– Planter top standard for growing plants and shrubs on top of the water tank underneath.
– Modular for endless storage capacity – joined together with cast in “O” ring rubber seals.
– Ideal for when space is limited and when customers don't want to put their OSD systems underground.

Technical Specifications

Imagine having your retaining wall store rainwater and be a feature for your property. There are many options and features for landscape tanks, such as featuring a planter box on top of the water tanks for growing plants or herbs.


  • Stunning appearance – to add the WOW factor to your home
  • Great pricing – more than competitive to a normal concrete block retaining wall
  • High grade (50mpa) concrete to last a lifetime
  • Long lasting, durable, reliable, will look good from the first day it is installed
  • The planter top is not limited to just growing plants
  • No footings required for big savings
  • Pre-engineered for cost savings
  • May be painted, rendered to suit any decor
  • Australian made and owned – patented

Please Note:

  • Delivery usually tanks an hour or two and will deliver an instant retaining wall, which can be backfilled immediately if required
  • Plumbing is the same as a normal rainwater tank. The tanks are joined together using an inbuilt patented “O” ring rubber seal system and A PVC pipe is simply inserted between the tanks during installation for a watertight seal
  • The Landscape Tanks may be located anywhere around the property in any configuration

Technical specifications

Just like all profiles and products Fielders offer, the range of walling and cladding profiles provide quality solutions to design requirements. Fielders walling range encompasses profiles both suitable for roofing and walling applications as well as specialised roofing and cladding profiles for a variety of structure types.

Pre-Stain System is an environmentally safe water-based system. It is the combination of a liquid base and a colour additive. Pre-Stain System is sprayed (using a spray gun) onto a vertical or horizontal concrete surface either internally or externally. The surface is then sealed with either a matte or gloss sealer. The Pre-Stain colour etches to the surface of the concrete resulting in a translucent colour finish which allows the trowel marks, variation and natural movement of the concrete to be visible through the stain. Pre-Stain is not like a paint which is a solid colour that totally covers visibility of the substrate.

Pre-Stain can be applied as a single colour or more than one colour can be layered to customise a unique colour.

Quartz Carpet is a resilient and slip resistant floor covering. It combines coloured natural quartz granules with epoxy resin (binder) and finishes with various textures. When clients are after durable surface, Alternative Surfaces recommend Quartz Carpet.

Quartz Carpet is hand trowelled over an existing surface at approximately 5-7mm thick. Quartz Carpet can be applied in a variety of architectural uses including commercial, residential, industrial, recreational and institutional.

There are over 40 standard colours and granule sizes ranging from a super fine (M3-0.8-1.mm) to large (2-3mm). Quartz Carpet is also available in more than 4000 colour options for special orders.

Benefits of Quartz Carpet

  • The visual appeal of a seamless surface
  • Durability and practicality in high traffic and commercial location
  • Anti-Slip texture
  • Stain resistance
  • Natural beauty
  • Colourfast Quartz
  • Easy to maintain
  • Water permeable
  • External binder UV resistant

Exclusive in Australia to Alternative Surfaces, the globally recognised X-Bond Seamless Stone is a water based, seamless stone overlay system. The mix combines an engineered liquid polymer with Stone-Tex which allows some flexibility and is not as cold underfoot as tiles or concrete.

X-Bond is a hand-trowelled application which is designed to be applied at a 2-4mm depth directly over concrete, tiles and sheeting.

X-Bond consists of internal and external finishes and sealers which are available in a variety of colours and can be applied to floors, walls and joinery pieces.

The finishes available in the Xbond System include:
X-Bond Polished Bond
X-Bond Polished Concrete
X-Bond BI

Acoustic performance with design freedom

Excellence in design is achieved with a balance of aesthetics and functional performance. The Gyprock® range of perforated plasterboard allows architects and designers to create beautiful ceilings and walls that achieve high levels of acoustic performance. The panel perforations together with acoustic fabric lining and insulation, where used, reduce echo and noise reverberation to create more comfortable environments for work and leisure.

Gyprock® provide three core ranges of perforated plasterboard:

  • Gyprock® Standard 6mm Round: the traditional Gyprock perforated board product that has been extensively used throughout Australia for many years – providing an economical aesthetic solution for ceilings or walls.
  • Gyprock® Gyptone™ Range: featuring three contemporary perforation patterns, each with different percentages of open area to meet most acoustic application requirements.
  • Gyprock® Rigitone™ Range: featuring four edge to edge pattern layouts that deliver a monolithic, seamless design with exceptional acoustic performance.

This board lets you take it easy.

EGGER Ergo Board is an innovative ship lapped edge profiled board, which has been specially developed for drywall construction. It is the ideal board for internal applications, due to its high structural strength and formaldehyde-free glue.

This is why you should be building with EGGER Ergo Board:

* Safe to use – light and ergonomic with shiplap joint providing a secure grip

* Saving costs and time – quick installation with minimal waste

* Flexibility – easy to work with and compatible with plasterboard, timber studs, steel studs and drywall screws

For more information, please click here for Egger’s website. 

Gyprock® manufactures a number of special purpose plasterboards for applications requiring specific properties not catered for by the Commercial Select Range.

  • Gyprock® EC08™ Impact
  • Gyprock® EC08™ Impact MR
  • Gyprock® EC08™ Complete
  • Gyprock® Shaft Liner Panels
  • Gyprock® Flexible Plasterboard

Gyprock® also offer perforated plasterboard panels for commercial applications where acoustic properties are key.

These Select Range plasterboards are designed to satisfy the majority of basic performance requirements in commercial projects.

The innovative material technology applied in Stonini™ Concrete Effects wall panels makes it possible to have a concrete look without the weight, inflexibility and onsite logistical problems of actual concrete. Stonini Concrete Effects wall panels are available in two textures, concrete or industrial, and in two finishes, flat or with a gentle shine. Form-cast concrete looks can also be created. You can even stipulate the timber width.

  • Hand manipulation in the fabrication process gives a unique look
  • Lightweight and flexible – they can even be curved
  • Cost-effective and functional
  • Easy to cut on site and quick to install
  • Fire-rated, hardwearing and easy to maintain
  • Standard panel size 1800mm x 600mm, 10-12mm thick, approximate weight 14kg


Availing of the full range of Boss Architectural’s Ciment collections and textures, wall panels are supplied with a standard 20mm thickness and 2440mm height. Clients may also select either a 800mm or 1600mm panel width.

Locally manufactured using innovative, environmentally sustainable technology, the wall panels are a feature addition to any interior, and designed to perform exceptionally over long term periods.

Suitable for floor or wall application, Ciment tiles are the high performance, ultra-customisable complement to Boss Architectural slabs. With thicknesses of 6mm, 10mm, or 15mm, the tiles are available with the full range of Boss Architectural surface finishes, alongside a selection of slip ratings on request.

Ciment tiles are supplied in standard sizes and a variety of shapes including the kite, parallelogram, curved edge, or conventional rectangle. Akin to all other Boss Architectural products, all edge profiles are available.

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