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Designed and made in Italy, BTicino audio and video intercoms suit all applications and budgets, from modest single homes to prestigious multi-storey apartment towers. Choose from simple single home kits, or mix and match your internal and external panels to suit the project you’re working on. These systems are the fastest and easiest to install as well as the most reliable, so you’ll save time on every job.

The Dorani video intercom system enhances the intercommunication of households in black and white or colour quality. With up to four internal hands-free monitors, each device is able to operate electric door locks whilst the two front door cameras can be used to ensure household safety.

The 780 Series Panacom Colour Video Intercom by PSA Products is as versatile as you make it. Video intercom safety requirements are important and need to suit your lifestyle. This reliable stainless steel door plate is weather proof and robust and will provide safety should any unwanted visitors arrive at the door. Choose from 5 great kits which offer alternate monitor finishes, black or white, to accompany any indoor décor.  


7″ Colour intercom TFT screen  +  Expandable monitors  +  Touch sensitive buttons  +  Hands-free communication  +  Selectable chimes  +  Slim-line design  +  Door release  +  Gate release  +  4-wire system  +  Vandal & rust resistant camera  +  Illuminated name plate  +  Weather resistant intercom camera


Dependant upon kit selected, for more information click here (to link) Accessories: Door Controller (PAN780DC)  +  Additional User Tags (PAN780IDT)  +  Electric Strikes  Cable requirements: 0-30m: CAT-5 or 4/5 core stranded 0.5mm2  +  30-80m: 4/5 core stranded 0.75mm2  System capability: 2 doors can connect to 3 indoor monitors  


Indoor Monitor – Black (PAN780M)  +  Indoor Monitor – White (PAN780MW)  +  Surface Camera (PAN780SC)  +  Flush Camera (PAN780FC)  +  Surface Camera with Keyless Entry (PAN780SCID)  +  5 kits available

The Farfisa Matrix Door Intercom System makes a modern statement of modular Italian style at your doorstep thanks to PSA Products. This anti-vandalism external door station is backed by strong construction, designed to withstand burglary, penetration of solids and water jets. Its LED backlights provide easy use regardless of lighting scenario. This intercom can start from one-way installations and grow to the most complex cases with ease for your business or home intercom application.  


Made in Italy  +  House intercom system  +  Business intercom system  +  Guaranteed against external solid bodies and mechanical shocks  +  LED backlights for improved visibility  +  Modularity for users  +  Also available in horizontal line configuration  +  Elegant finish


Stainless steel construction  +  Diecast aluminium frames and rain shelters for wall installations  +  Built in or recessed boxes available  +  Front frames available in matt titanium grey colour  +  Mirror-polished plates  +  Can be used for analogue and digital installations from Duo System and FN4000 (digital or traditional call modules)

The Farfisa DUO Intercom System is an innovative 2-wire digital system for audio, B&W and colour video intercom installations in modern homes, shared accommodation and residences. Video and audio signals, door latch operation and other function commands are transmitted over 2 non-polarised wires for simple connection and improved future maintenance of installation. The range continues to evolve with bold modern aesthetics and enriched features seen in the Farfisa Echos and Exhito internal units and the Profilo door stations that integrate existing Compact and Matrix units also available through PSA Products.  


Made in Italy  +  Continuous system evolution  +  Reduced intercom installation time and costs  +  High performance  +  Multiple main and secondary door stations  +  Minimized connection errors  


Aluminium standard call panels  +  Stainless steel vandal proof panels are available  +  Stylish handset monitors available to suit most décors  +  Designed for apartments, multi-storey dwellings and shared accommodation  

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