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Interior and Exterior

Anti-Slip Protection can be applied on interior and exterior timber and stone. It works particularly well on pre-treated timber stairs.

Anti-Slip Protection guarantees a highly resistant microstructure surface finish on absorbent surfaces. The beauty of Whittle Waxes Anti-Slip is that it’s invisible, although when applied by itself it has a slightly glossy sheen level. Whittle Waxes have found that by applying it in between the two coats of hardwax oil, the sheen levels blend in nicely together.

Tested and approved: all anti- slip products for stairs must be tested by an independent advanced research and technology testing laboratory. Whittle Waxes Anti-Slip passed with flying colours. Certificates available on their website.

Protect your parquet with Rubio Monocoat oil. This innovative product colours and protects in one layer. Using only 1 litre for 30-50 m2, the oil is a cost effective solution. Water and heat resistant, the finish lasts long into the future and is easy to maintain. Environmentally friendly, this product contains no VOC.

Treatex Colour Tones have been designed to give you a beautiful range of colours with which you can change how your floors, doors, stairs and worktops look and feel, without hiding the grain or the natural beauty of the wood. This allows you to match the colours in your home when every piece of wood is different, being that every tree is unique.

Treatex Colour Tones penetrate deep into the wood and enhance its natural beauty, manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials and then completed with natural pigments used to colour the oils.

Available Colours: Spruce, Grey, Slate, Ebony, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Antique Oak, Mahogany

For splash zone protection of timber piling on marinas, jetties, mooring berths, and piers, the Denso Series 250 timber pile protection system is the ultimate solution. Comprised of a durable heavy duty jacket incorporating foam sealant linings, the system is designed to capture and deprive the Toredo worm of oxygen, thus suffocating it in the splash or tidal zone. It also protects timber piles in marine environments from deterioration due to tidal flows, marine growth, and sea conditions.

Like its sister product, the DeterMite H2-F, the DeterMite H2-S is engineered to be used to protect timber within builds that lie south of the Tropic of Capricorn. However in contrast, this preservative is recommended for use in structural beams rather than framing. The formulation acts as an effective termite repellent and insecticide for a hassle-free structure.

Determite H2-F is a water-based preservative ideally used for internal timber framing for structures built south of the Tropic of Capricorn. The preservative is sprayed on during the sawmill step of the production line making it a cost efficient termite repellent. DeterMite also does not break down when exposed to UV rays during construction, ensuring the system is just as reliable as it is effective.

Protim LOSP H2 is a preservative method specifically designed to provide long-lasting protection for structural wood elements situated above ground. The formulation contains an insecticide to ward off wood-borers and a water repellent resin. The preservative also uses a light organic solvent to reduce the swelling of the wood during treatment.

The Naturewood preservative system uses an alkaline copper quaternary method to provide long-term protection to exterior timber. The water-based preservative consists of a high copper content and a quaternary compound dissolved in alkaline carrier which acts as an effective barrier against fungal and insect decay. This ensures a durable outdoor structure for any home.

The Koppers Performance Chemicals MicroPro preservative system is a revolutionary way to pressure treat timber for indoor or outdoor construction. This method of treatment provides effective protection against fungal decay and termite attack and improves corrosion resistance against fasteners and hardware. The finished product also appears to take a lighter colour, creating a more natural timber aesthetic.

Koppers Performance Chemicals is Australia’s premier supplier of preservative treated technology and is a subsidiary of Osmose Inc, one of the worlds largest manufacturers of wood preservatives and wood protection products for the pressure treatment industry. Preservative treatment of  timber products is important in ensuring they have a long life which in turn means efficient use of our precious timber resources. Preservative treated timber products include agricultural timber, utility poles, house framing and landscaping as well as plywood and timber cladding to name a few. 

Koppers Performance Chemicals prides itself on innovation and is continuously researching and testing new preservative formulations and is proud to supply revolutionary MicroPro micronized preservative technology to the Australian market as well as MicroPro Sienna coloured outdoor treated wood technology. MicroPro sets new benchmarks in treated wood technology and has been Greenguard certified for low VOC chemical emissions and well as being awarded Environmentally Preferred Product status in the USA.

Koppers Performance Chemicals‘ Lifewood® CCA preservative is an effective wood product available for timber hazard classes between H1 and H6.  The range is for all types of exposed timber in different combinations from inside, outside, above ground, in ground, and marine waters, and designed as an end-coat preservative on the final shape and form.  The product consists of Chromated Copper Arsenate, a preservative system applied by pressure treatment to protect exterior exposed wood against fungicide and termiticide.  Lifewood® CCA is a waterborne preservative, proven to endure harsh outdoor exposures for decades. Koppers Performance Chemicals also provide a 50 year limited guarantee on treated wood applied according to the standards AS1604 and NZS3640. 

Part of the timber care range by Koppers Performance Chemicals, Protim Solignum is applied with a brush and has been designed specifically for trade and DIY users.  The general preservative is for outdoor timber, protecting the exposed surface from fungal decay, borers and termites.  The product is also used to reseal cut ends of LOSP treated timber, is for above ground applicated and has a clear finish.  Protim Solignum is applied on window frames, external doors, gates, fences, handrails and outdoor furniture.  

 Protim Optimum by Koppers Performance Chemicalsnegates the effects of water, fungi and termites in timber, a high performance wood preservative like no other. Protim Optimum is a long lasting, highly effective wood preservative which is designed to protect wood surfaces in an outdoor setting. Protim Optimum features two formulations, one which is an amalgam of Propiconazole and Tebuconazol which are fungicides used to impede fungal decay, and the other is Permethrin, an insecticide which prevents wood from succumbing to termites and other wood boring insects. Protim Optimum uses an organic solvent carrier to disseminate the formulation into the wood, thus maintaining its original size, shape, and strength. In addition Protim Optimum requires no kiln drying after treatment instead evaporates on its own. Another important features of Protim Optimum is its ability to repel water through the various constituents of waxes and resins, therefore retarding the absorption rate of water during the construction process.

Hylite is a timber preservative developed by Koppers Performance Chemicals, which aims at the prevention of sapstain and fungal growth. Wood during its green stage is exceedingly susceptible to the growth of detrimental fungi which in turn can drastically compromise not only its appearance but its strength and weight. Hylite Antisapstain consists of two principle elements Zinc Naphthenate which is an effective and extensively used zinc based timber preservative, and Carbendazim which is a fungicide used to prevent the degradation of cereals, rubber, cotton etc. It is through these components which provide its strength and reliability and with the correct application, it can prove to be an exceedingly effective solution to sapstain fungi. Furthermore Hylite is very flexible, as it can be applied in various scales from a domestic setting to a timber yard. So for an effective solution against spalting think of Hylite and Osmose.

Synteko’s range of tinting paste consists of seven different colour pigments. This product is added to Synteko Natural Oil to create the desired floor colour whilst still maintaining all the long-lasting and wear resistant properties created by the oil-based finish. The use of tinted oil is designed to highlight the natural grain of the wood to create a vibrant aesthetic.

Intergrain Nature’s Timber Oil is a traditional decking oil based on tung oil and pure wood turpentine.  It is made from 95% naturally derived ingredients from sustainable sources. Nature’s Timber Oil produces a natural, long lasting finish by penetrating deeply into all exterior timber.

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