timber sealant

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For splash zone protection of timber piling on marinas, jetties, mooring berths, and piers, the Denso Series 250 timber pile protection system is the ultimate solution. Comprised of a durable heavy duty jacket incorporating foam sealant linings, the system is designed to capture and deprive the Toredo worm of oxygen, thus suffocating it in the splash or tidal zone. It also protects timber piles in marine environments from deterioration due to tidal flows, marine growth, and sea conditions.

Synteko introduces NovaBest the latest generation of 2- component water base polyurethane for commercial and domestic application. Synteko has been providing industry leading floor sealing products for more than 50 years around the world. Our new NovaBest not only offers a water based product that is easy to use and affordable but also extremely durable. Even more important this product has very low VOCs and is NMP free meeting all regulatory requirements.  Other advantages is the coating’s economical spread rate coupled with a nice light colour and available in three gloss levels.

For a clear finish for doors, windows, furniture, and joinery, look to Ultraclear Interior. This water-based product is tough, hard-wearing, and non-yellowing. Fast-drying, easy to clean up, low-odour, and sprayable, the application is a breeze.  

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