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Alongside their numerous timber finishes, Quantum Timber Finishes supplies a comprehensive range of preparation products. The selection is designed to enhance the longevity and performance of Quantum finishes, and prevent issues with adhesion and drying.

Quantum preparation products are designed to target both new and existing deck constructions, with the range including paint and sealant removers, wood conditioners, a timber brightener, and steriliser. Used in conjunction with Quantum finishes, the preparation products ensure a smooth, highly resistant finish.

Quantum Enviroloc is a low sheen timber finish suitable for timber cladding, cement render, compressed board, and masonry. The versatile surface finish is low odour and non-allergenic, allowing for ease and comfort of both use and application.

With self priming capabilities, Enviroloc eliminates the need for a separate base sealant, and provides excellent protection without concealing texture. Enviroloc can be applied using a spray or roller brush, and requires a minimum of 2 coats for maximum efficiency.

For interior flooring, Quantum offers the MicroFloor and MicroSeal floor finishes. Used together, the products ensure a smooth surface finish that is hardwearing and durable.

A sealant that acts as the foundation for subsequent coats of Quantum’s MicroFloor, MicroSeal is a non toxic, non flammable sealant. MicroSeal is suitable for most prepared timber flooring, and can be applied using a brush or mohair roller. The fast drying sealant is touch dry in 30 minutes, and can accept normal traffic after three days.

The MicroFloor Urethane finish is tannin resistant and non toxic, with a low odour and self levelling finish. Intended for application with a brush or short nap roller, MicroFloor causes minimal grain rising on most woods. Touch dry within 30 minutes, MicroFloor finished floors can withstand normal traffic after three days.

Quantum Bio Oil is formulated for use on all exterior timber as an enriching oil and additional surface protector. The oil is the ideal surface treatment for hardwoods with a tendency to split following weather exposure.

Bio Oil can be easily recoated following initial application, and may be applied using a brush or lambswool applicator. The lightly pigmented oil is also suitable for bamboo, and can be cleaned using soap and water.

For interior applications on flooring and joinery, Timbre Plus Interior is a non-toxic, odourless, and low allergenic timber finish. Available in semi-gloss, satin, or flat finish, the clear finish can be easily tinted to suit any timber surface.

A solventless oil based composition allows a scuff resistant sealant that has outstanding adhesion and toughness, and can be used as a stand-alone sealer or primer under subsequent coats of finish. Timbre Plus Interior can be installed using a brush, roller, or spray.

With product variations for indoor, outdoor, and decking use, the Timbre Plus range of finishes from Quantum is a versatile and high performance finish.

For outdoor decking, Timbre Plus Decking and Timbre Plus Texture offer excellent UV protection alongside scuff resistance and water repellence. The heavy duty finish is suitable for most timbers and available in 10 wood tone colours, making it the ideal finishing solution for high traffic commercial applications.

Prepare your timber for coating with Intergrain’s range of preparation products. From the high strength remover Powerprep, to the paint stripper Liquid 8 TimberStripper, to the natural acid based timber cleaners Reviva and RevivaGel, to the mould prevention product TSS MouldPreventer, to the timber and grain filler Woodblend, to the timber stabilising pre-treatment Dimension 4 UltraPrimer, Intergrain has the preparation product to suit your needs.

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