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Retaining heat in winter and providing a cooling effect in summer, GLASSX is a glazing system for passive solar control and energy storage. Using a salt hydrate Phase Change Material (PCM), the 5cm thick glass module is able to mimic the thermal storage capacity of a concrete wall of about 20cm thickness. During the day, solar heat is retained in the melted PCM, which recrystalises at nightfall to emit the stored heat.

Available in double, triple, and quadruple glazing options, PCM is the ideal glass facade solution for projects requiring optimum levels of thermodynamism. LAROS technologies offers a wide range of colouring and size options for the GLASSX range, and works with clients at every stage of the design process to ensure delivery of the best solution in every case.

Made in Norway, this panel heater offers thermostat control with temperature settings, a LED power indicator, and safety overheat protection. Designed to offer an economical, stylish and safe heating solution, this panel heater is ideal for domestic and commercial use. Stylishly constructed with an elegant finish in pure white, this heater is silent in operation and maintenance free.

With a 3kW cooling and heating capacity, this air conditioner guarantees cooling in 43 degrees celcius heat in rooms of up to 22m2. A built-in dehumidifying function makes it the perfect unit for Australia’s hot summers. With a self evaporative system, no drip tray or hose is required, while the easy touch control panel, 0-24 hour timer setting with sleep mode and remote control make it a breeze to operate.

Boasting a 2.4kW heat output and a choice of heat settings, this heater is managed through electronic climate control and LED temperature display. With tip over safety protection and double overheat protection, you can be sure that your loved ones are safe.

With a realistic Optimyst flame and smoke effect giving you a fully variable flame and smoke intensity control, you have complete power over the atmosphere of your room. A 2kW heat output with a choice of two heat settings can be altered via a remote control. Wall mounted, with an open fronted design and finished with black anthracite, this fire is as stylish as it is functional.

Create lush vertical gardens inside or out, with Atlantis Gro-Wall PRO modules. With individual palnt access and both vertical and horizontal system expansion, these self supporting vertical garden screening walls are rapidly constructed and installed, easy to maintain and irrigate, and entirely unique. The heavy duty design, with a rigid 4-way interlocking system, is able to support larger and freestanding projects, making for a durable garden system suitable for any space.

Bring nature inside with the Atlantis Gro-Wall™ Vertical Garden System, perfect for small urban backyards, or large buildings. Beautiful, lush and simple to maintain, the Atlantis Gro-Wall™ Vertical Garden System allows easy vertical and horizontal expansion, and effortless plant changes. The system features a series of modular shelves, each containing exchangeable plants held in water retentive bags, in which a wide variety of plant species can be grown. The structure is strong and self-supporting, with no framework required, and irrigation utilises standard drip watering systems, so it is easy and cost-effective. The system ensures optimum moisture retention for plants, just like a natural garden, and there is even an excess water capture system available. The Atlantis Gro-Wall™ Vertical Garden System can be attached rapidly to any structural wall, with established plants planted to create an instant vertical garden. Alternatively, young plants can also be planted and grown. So natural, you’ll think you’re outside.

Approximately 20% of building’s thermal energy is lost through the floor. To prevent such a large loss, floor insulation is highly recommended particularly in cooler environments. Foilboard Insulation supplies lightweight panels that can be positioned between the joists and below the floor line. Installation with a 25mm airspace is recommended for the most effective insulation solution.

Foilboard insulation panels are suitable for reducing thermal energy loss through suspended floor slabs in commercial and residential applications. The slim but rigid panels are easily installed and are particularly useful in cooler climates where thermal leakage through floors are common. With lower thermal leakage, Foilboard reduces heating bills and helps increase the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings.  

Foilboard’s insulation panel for cladded walls can be used to replace and boost insulation in existing buildings. The panels are ideal for reducing thermal leakage and temperature swings and can be easily cut to fit a range of existing timber and steel framed structures. The rigid insulation panels fit between the exterior cladding and framework of timber and steel framed residential buildings.   

Designed for metal ceilings, Foilboard’s commercial Insulation Panel is made for factory roofs and other metal commercial buildings.  The properties of the insulation work with the building to reduce the amount of energy normally used in such buildings. The panels are easily attached to the underside of the purlin or rafter to easily save energy, the environment and money.

For the highest performing insulation in suspended commercial ceilings, look no further than Foilboard’s insulation for commerical suspended ceilings. These types of ceilings are greatly susceptible to heat loss therefore utilising the boards will drastically improve the thermal properties and comfort of space. Foilboard insulation alleviates the cost of energy in both the installation process and the operation of active HVAC systems. 

When retrofitted directly to the underside of timber floor joists, Foilboard insulation panels greatly improve the thermal performance of the timber floor. Such panels are fixed directly to the underside of the joists with Foilboard fasteners to ensure a secure, long-term insulation solution. 

Foilboard Insulation panels are easy to install during the construction of double brick walls as it sits centred between the two brick skins. The panels are lightweight and rigid and when partnered with Foilboard Spacer Blocks, the insulation easily supports itself over the brick ties. Without insulation, a cavity brick wall has an R value of 0.5, but this can be boosted to R1.8 with Standard 10 Foilboard insulation panels, and R2.2 with Super 15. 

For concrete walls, Foilboard fabricates insulation in two forms: single reflective airspace and dual reflective airspace. Both options are ideal solutions as energy efficiency and acoustic performace is improved, however, opting for the dual reflective panels will further enhance these qualities. 

Homes with cathedral ceilings often have difficulty with insulation as thermal energy is easily lost through the roof. Foilboard Insulation’s highly reflective properties are able to overcome this issue as it significantly improves a building’s thermal R rating and reduces energy costs. The panels are also suitably used in roofing as it is resistant to moisture and humidity.

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