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Something about ceiling fans evokes the sexiness of sultry summer nights in tropical destinations. By whisking away moisture from your skin, they provide sigh-worthy relief from the feeling from being strangled by humidity. Legrand’s HPM have designed their fans to be reliable, discreet wonders.

A timeless addition to any home interior, the Typhoon Timber Fan from Hunter Pacific combines high-performance contemporary technology with classic style. Timber blades with a 48″ or 52″ span are fabricated from quality New Zealand plywood and are either flat or wood grain finished. The blades are then lacquered (and, in the case of the wood grain finished units, laminated) to ensure longevity and prevent peeling with age and use.

The Typhoon Timber Mach 2 uses the same efficient motor as Hunter Pacific’s full metal industrial ceiling fan, the Typhoon Metal, alongside quiet blades pitches at 12º to deliver optimum airflow with each rotation. The elegant timber fan is available in a selection of finishes that include: white, brushed chrome, antique brass, and burnt copper.

Using highly efficient heating elements that emit a low intensity glow, Smart-Heat electric heaters are a subtle heating solution for any outdoor environment. 

The infra-red heaters are specially designed to create a thermally comfortable environment while complementing existing on-site features and fittings. Smart-Heat electric heaters can be attached to extension poles or mounted directly onto walls and ceilings, with a stainless steel body ensuring strength and durability in any environment.

Seamlessly blending innovation and style, the Smart-Heat range of natural gas heaters by Bromic Heating are specially designed for the hospitality and hotel sectors.

The sleek, polished units offer unparalleled heating performance, and are as discreet and easy to install as they are durable and high performance. Products in the Smart-Heat range are available in the Tungsten or Platinum variety, with wind resistance, weight, and heat varying between the two product lines.

Established in 2007, Bromic Heating has revolutionised the outdoor heating industry, seamlessly blending contemporary style with unrivalled product performance and innovation.

Supplying the hotel and hospitality industries as well as residential and trade sectors, Bromic Heating continues to expand internationally. Their diverse product catalogue is unified by four characteristics: modern contemporary design, efficient heat distribution, light minimisation, and high quality materials.

PVC Strip doors however installed on a sliding metal frame. The PVC strips come in a range of lengths, widths and thicknesses which can be fitted to a number of openings, furthermore the wide range is not only limited to a transparent finish and can include various opacities and colours. Furthermore the PVC strips also provides a quality level of insulation, which not only is an effective means of separating different temperatures for certain rooms but also as a means of energy efficiency through requiring less energy to power external cooling elements. The sliding frame a gives the opening a more seamless closure as the pieces line up when operating, which also gives the quality of space efficiency when the door is closed. The rail also has an locking mechanism which can be operate at different locations on the rail, for openings that are higher an arm can be attached which eases the locking process. In addition the sliding frame needs to be installed on a gyprock ceiling, a steel or aluminium angle can be provided for wall mounting. For an efficient door both thermally and in terms of space look no further than the Sliding Clean PVC Strip Door by Austcold Industries.



High quality + can be fitted with a wide range of PVC strips + easy installation + locking mechanism.

Austcold Industies renowned PVC Strip Doors, also come in a variety of colours. The strip doors still provide a wide range of insulation properties which are key in retaining thermal conditions, whilst keeping away undesirable elements such as dust and pests from entering. The PVC strips overlay which allow for space to be closed entirely, while the nature of the strips allow for ease of access into a space. Its most distinguishing feature is the wide range of colours which not only provide an impressive aesthetic quality but also several additional features inherent in the usage of colours, for example the smoked grey provides protection against UV rays, while the yellow repels insects. The range comes in a number of vibrant colours: red, green, blue, yellow, and tinted smoke grey which in turn give a dynamic appeal to shop fronts. Furthermore user friendliness is demonstrated through the ease in replacing the strips through a bolt and nut system which are attached to a high quality Aluminium frame. The ease in replacing also allows the the user to reorganize the strips in various ways allowing for a different arrangement every time. The Coloured PVC Strip door by Austcold Industries provides not only an excellent means of insulation but now an unparalleled aesthetic.



Wide range of colours + some colours have additional benefits + DOP & DEHP free PVC + UV stabilized installation + manufactured to order


Max width: 6500mm + max height: 2400mm + maximum 3000mm length of strips + max width of strips: 100mm + thickness: 1.6mm

Austcold Industries Clear Flexible PVC Swing Doors provide excellent hygiene, insulation and safety in a wide range of fittings and facilities. The Swing Doors are constructed from 5mm (medium duty) to 7mm (heavy duty) PVC fitted into a stainless galvanized steel frame which give it a wide range of visibility options (depending on finish) while also being able to withstand various amounts of impact. The clear PVC finish allow for users to see oncoming traffic which in turn provides safety, while the opacity can be changed for areas which require privacy. The nature of the PVC Swing Door also prevents disturbances from entering a space whether it be draughts, dust, or pests. In addition to its attributes of hygiene, the Clear Flexible PVC Swing Door system can be opened with the mere push of a hand to the tap of a trolley, alternatively the system closes itself upon entry. Through its materiality and automation the door system is ideal for commercial applications such as Factories, Kitchens, Food Processing Plants, Transport Terminals, Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Cold Storage, and Hospitals. For a hygienic and safe transparent door system look no further than Austcold Industries.



5mm (medium duty) and 7mm(heavy duty) PVC options + galvanised steel mounting frame + various finishes to both the PVC and the steel frame + user automation + superior quality.

Insulated Sectional Doors are composed of 100% CFC free polyurethane and galvanized sheet steel which give it a completely weather proof finish, while maintaining excellence in insulation. Austcold Industries Insulated Sectional Doors, can withstand up to class 3 wind pressures, while providing sound dampening of up to 22dB. Furthermore the wide range of options and user friendliness is inherent in its design, from its user detection, control system, security, and safety features. The Sectional Doors also come with two variations from 42mm for temperatures above 0, and 80mm for temperatures below zero. This makes it ideal for a number of applications from: Cool Room Doors, Freezer Room Doors, Garage Doors, and Factory Doors. Austcold Industries Insulated Sectional Doors, are a world leader in insulated automated doors through their user sensitivity, insulation properties, and exceptional performance and quality.



Large range of track options + superior temperature and sound insulation + scratch resistant double glazed windows for clarity + quality drive motors + state of the art control systems + intelligent security and safety systems.


Max Width: 8000mm + Max Height: 7000mm + Wind Pressure: Class 3 + Sound Insulation: -22dB + Thermal Insulation: 1.0W/m².

Austcold Strip Doors are a more economical solution than the Austcold Flexible Swing Doors. They are an essential asset to any Coolroom, Freezer room or Air-Conditioned room as they provide optimum sealing efficiency resulting in vital high energy savings, to the extent that over time these products definitely pay for themselves. Our Flexible Plastic doors will seal the door way and reduce the air exchange when entering or exiting the room, as a result they isolate and control dust, noise and insect’s etc. They are easy to install, clean and repair and we supply Australia wide via Express freight.

The Aquablend SQX delivers temperature controlled heated water for individual basin, sink, and shower applications. The taps are specifically designed for use in higher risk environments such as health care, aged care, schools, child care centres, and by people with disabilities.

Quality is crucial in these environments for performance reliability and safety. That’s why the Aquablend SQX™ thermostatic mixers are WaterMarked to AS4032.1 for compliance with the National Plumbing and Drainage Code AS/NZS 3500. and are supported by more than seven decades of Enware’s experience and expertise.

The Ovalo collection truly reflects the essence of dynamic designs and trends by perfectly showcasing a combination of smooth oval curves and lines. Offering enduring performance synonymous with the Methven brand, the Ovalo collection is the perfect addition to fit in with the most architectural bathroom spaces.

Products in the collection:

  • Basin Mixer
  • Hi Rise Basin Mixer
  • Shower Mixer
  • Shower Mixer with Diverter
  • Wall Mounted Mixer with Spout
  • 3 Hole Wall Mounted Set
  • Wall Top Assemblies (Standard Pair)

The perfect solution for open plan living, the Captiva Island double-sided high efficiency fire can efficiently heat two large living areas with one fire. Designed and manufactured in Australia, this innovative heater has up to 4.5 star efficiency, and full remote control function. The double glazed space heater heats up to 130m2, while its unique curved burners with pebbles, logs or coals make it the centerpiece of any room.

The Simplicity is a contemporary, minimalist pebble fire design offering a range of colours and finishes for design flexibility tailored and customized to suit specific styles and requirements. The contemporary styling and innovative construction of The Simplicity gas fireplace make it the ideal designer addition for the modern home.  The Simplicity has been meticulously finished using only the highest quality materials, giving a contemporary warmth and ambience for diverse residential applications.   

Simplicity zero clearance firebox + Ceramic fibre pebbles + Electronic ignition + Optional stone base + Four firebox colours available + Flue vertically or horizontally with a power flue.

The Heat-Ceil Under-Suspended Slab Insulation System is a lightweight rigid board with an SL grade polystyrene core. It is available with pure aluminium foil laminated to either one or both sides, and is directly fixed to the underside of suspended concrete slabs. 

The panels are supplied in 5000mm x 1200mm sheets in a range of thicknesses from 10mm to 75mm to increase the thermal value. The environmentally friendly product reflects 97% of radiant heat, is water resistant and contains fire retardant.

The combination of the exceptional thermal qualities of EPS and reflective air films of the easy to use product means no special marks or clothing are required during installation.


Together with Therma-Ceil or other ceiling tiles, Ceilite’s Heat-Ceil is an additional insulation layer made out of polystyrene and reflective still-air films.  This product enhances the thermal qualities of a space.  Unlike most additional insulation products during the installation of Heat-Ceil, protective gear such as masks or safety clothing is not needed.  Heat-Ceil is installed behind walls or ceilings so it is never visible, although in appearance the light weight board is laminated with aluminum foil on both sides, and SL grade polystyrene core in the inside.  The materials work together to reflect 97% of radiant heat.  Other qualities are: resistance to water and contains fire retardant.  Ceilite provide individualised building system tests to make sure the installation of Heat-Ceil follows a thermally comfortable building during the extremes of summer and winter.


Water resistant  +  contains fire retardant  +  designed closely with the Australian Standards for Thermal insulation of buildings  +  additional customized building system test  


Sheet standard is 1200mm x 600 mm but is available in larger sheets  +  Reflective 600mm still air space  +  aluminum laminate

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