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Yes, that Mark Edmondson. The last Aussie to win the Australian Open men’s singles. So you can trust him to know a good tennis court when he sees one. Mark Edmondson Tennis Courts is the state distributor of Tiger Turf synthetic grass surfaces, specialising in the surfacing of any tennis or sports courts, recreational areas, artificial “Living Lawns”, cricket wickets, sports fields, and school yard areas, large or small, from simple installation to full construction if needed. Mark Edmondson has been in operation since January 1992, providing synthetic and acryclic surfaces for over 250 tennis courts across NSW, including Wollongong University, Lake Crackenback Resort, Sydney Cricket Ground, Rooty Hill RSL, several schools including PLC Pymble and Narrabeen Sports High School, and over 200 private courts. Mark Edmondson Tennis Courts also has a Maintenance Division: their Initial Cleaning Service will have unsightly tennis courts and artificial grass surfaces looking spick and span in next to no time at all. The team can even implement a Regular Preventative Maintenance Program for all synthetic surfaces, to ensure the long term performance of the product.

_Tiger Turf synthetic grass always stays green and lush, with no need for watering, mowing or weeding. These synthetic grass surfaces are now being specified in a huge range of applications, from home back yards to open public spaces. The landscaping range available from All grass Sports Surfaces comprises of 4 products: Envy, Meadow, Lush, and TufTurf, each slightly varying in appearance. The latest landscaping products are being developed specifically to harmonise with the natural environment, feature improved safety measures for children, and have durable and green synthetic grass surfaces suitable for all outdoor areas._

Low maintenance + Skid free operation + Improved performance

_Graham Vivian, former A-grade cricketer and founder of Tiger Turf, saw the potential for development with synthetic grass cricket wickets, and has since developed a spectrum of tufted polypropylene synthetic grass wickets, available from All grass Sports Surfaces. The range of cricket surfaces includes portable wickets, which are in very high demand, especially at club and school level. These surfaces suit almost every level of playing, and are also durable, hardwearing, very low-maintenance and are suitable for all weathers._

Suitable for all weathers + Low maintenance + Extremely durable + Hardwearing + Suitable for every level

_When it comes to artificial golfing surfaces, Tiger Turf tee areas from All Grass Sports Surfaces are a significant improvement compared to hard nylon mats are concerned, giving a natural feel playing surface with negligible maintenance requirements. The most challenging target in creating artificial golf surfaces is ensuring the straight roll of a ball to hole, yet Tiger Turf surfaces are as close to a professional natural surface as one could hope for._

_With changing times, sports have become essential for enjoyment, health, and fitness of people. Recognising this, governing bodies and clubs are coming forward with ideas for constructing multi-use playgrounds, but it’s not an easy task when every sport requires a different type of ground surface. This is where TigerTurf’s multi-sports solutions come in to picture. TigerTurf products from All Grass Sports Surfaces are available in a vast range of playing surfaces, and all are laid over rubber pads and filled with sand, so even where the surface changes it remains level and safe. Sometimes the initial cost of an integrated multi-sport surface is higher, but this is far outweighed by the long term durability and sporting outcomes achieved on such a high-performance surface_

_Every school recognises the importance of year-round recreation and sports areas where students can enjoy physical education, sports and recreational playtime. However, many schools end up providing bumpy, bare ovals which turn rock-hard during the summer season and unusable mudbaths during the winter season. It is here that Tiger Turf synthetic sports ground systems from All Grass Sports Surfaces come in to picture. These surfaces transform drab, uneven and dangerous school grounds in to safe and stimulating play areas which can be used any time. It has been reported that schools employing TigerTurf solutions have achieved success in curbing injuries by around 60%._

Long life + Low maintenance + Skid resistant + Safe and practical all year round + Bright and professional aesthetics

It’s a known fact that playgrounds are a place for children to run wild, so utmost care should be taken while designing them. Fun and safety need to go hand-in-hand, so that the playground is filled with learning and laughter, not tears and tumbles. Tiger Turf synthetic grass surfaces from All Grass Sports Surfaces have been designed with this in mind, so they are tremendous shock absorbers, and can transform slippery playgrounds into all-weather playscapes which minimise injury and maximise delight. There are countless design options to choose from, including various colours, textures, and shapes that can be combined to obtain the desired surface.

Long life + Low maintenance + Shock absorbance + Low slip surface

_Designed after seeking consultation of top players, Tiger Turf’s advanced range of synthetic tennis surfaces are a straight sets win for any tennis club. TigerTurf supplies a wide range of synthetic surfaces through All Grass Sports Surfaces, with product options designed to suit differing requirements in terms of performance and volume usage. Players using these surfaces benefit from a surefooted surface which, apart from delivering superb traction, also provides high shock absorbancy as well. These tennis surfaces have a long life expectancy and very low maintenance requirements (including no need or watering or trimming), making them a far more sustainable investment than real grass courts or other grass replacements_

Easily Cleaned + Accurate ball bounce + Confident footing + Low maintenance + Skid resistant + Shock absorbancy

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