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Rainbow Shade’s range of Shade cloth for use in shade sails and shade structures are made using the highest quality materials and all comes with dependable and proven warranties.

To see which shade cloth fabric is best suited to your upcoming installation visit our website below or get in touch with our experienced team today to discuss your shade installation requirements further.

Shade Structures are an effective shading option for any business, council, school or childcare centre looking to provide maximum shade coverage within a budget, especially when compared with fixed roof structures.

Shade structures and shade shelters both offer High UVR protection and allows those under them to enjoy the outdoors while greatly reducing the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

With Rainbow Shades quality shade structure fabrics, customers can choose from a wide variety of colours for use in commercial business applications through to bright colours for parks and playgrounds.

All of our fabrics are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials and come with dependable and proven warranties.

Shade sails are a great way to shade a large space for a relatively low cost. Shade sails are a cost-effective and sustainable solution providing the highest protection to outdoor spaces such as parks, early learning centres and homes.

Shade sails help to greatly reduce heat, glare and UV radiation while looking stylish all at the same time.

To ensure your shade sails look great and last for many years to come, ensure your project makes use of one of our high-quality fabrics. Z16, Extreme 32 or DriZ. All of which are made using the highest quality raw materials and have dependable warranties.



DriZ provides protection from the sun, wind and rain while filtering harmful UV-Radiation and allowing natural light transmission.

Through its advanced waterproof coating, DriZ will allow your shade sail projects to offer All-weather protection for a range of outdoor entertainment and alfresco spaces.

With a 5 year warranty and impressive designer colour range you simply can’t beat DRiZ for high-quality all weather protection.

Extreme 32 is a shade sail cloth designed and engineered for the full spectrum of shade applications from large commercial shade sails to unique architectural shade structures.

Due to its unique monofilament and tape construction, this fabric not only has a high burst strength specification to handle large spans, it also provides outstanding solar protection.

With a 10 year warranty and proven reputation, this shade cloth is perfectly suited to your next large-scale shade sail or shade structure project.

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