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norament® one-piece nosing-tread-riser stairtreads are a clean and enduring solution for your stairs. norament® stairtreads are cost-effective for both new and renovated buildings. No matter your application or facility, you will have a wide choice of floor covering options to complete your design by using norament® stairtreads.

norament® stairtreads are offered in both round and hammerblow surface, and are available in a wide range of colors with matching accessories to give you an array of design options for a cohesive look. The stairtread is installed quickly, cleanly, and professionally as a single piece. All widths are possible, without visible seams or joint sealing.

One of the many numerous advantages: the time consuming installation of stair nosings and separately trimmed coverings for single piece risers and treads now belong to the past. The subsurface can be virtually any material: wood, stone, screed, metal, or any of many other solid surfaces. Low cost and environmentally compatible in equal measure, the adhesive innovation nora® Stepfix 240 proves ideal for the installation.With this double sided adhesive tape, installations, whether in new or renovated buildings, are up to five times faster than with conventional adhesive variants.

Benefits of norament® stairtreads include:

  • Stairtreads with pre-shaped stair nosing, single-piece riser and tread
  • Available in two surfaces: round pastille and hammered surface
  • Signal or safety stripes in yellow, gray, ultra grip, or luminescent
  • Suitable also for stairwells in extremely high traffic areas
  • Pre-sanded backs
  • Adhered by using nora stepfix, an odorless, solvent-free adhesive tap

nora offer the following models of norament®:

  • Norament® 926
  • Norament® 926 grano
  • Norament® 926 satura

Tredsafe has an extensive range of aluminium stairnosing profiles designed for uncovered concrete or wooden stairs, indoors or outside, including profiles that comply with the NCC requirements.  Profile inserts provide a slip-resistant surface, and can be chosen from a range of colours to comply with contrasting luminance requirements, giving you the ultimate in stairway safety.

For more information visit the brochure section.

UrbanStone offers both a standard range of Bullnoses, including Radius and Mitre Bullnoses and Single Groove Bullnoses, which allow easy specification for any project and customised options to suit the designer’s specified details. UrbanStone’s high level of product reproduction extends to any image produced by the designer from unique coloured aggregates which provide the opportunity to blend different colours throughout the project to shape, size and texture of the exposed aggregate. For more product details visit the brochure section.

IndusFloor are a leader in the production and supply of Hardwood Tread, providing products that are recognised for their beauty, performance and overall value. Exciting new hardwood species and innovative products are researched and developed annually in an on-going effort to achieve the ultimate level of quality and excellence. The Tiete Chestnut Solid Hardwood Tread (Sucupira) is an unfinished tread available in multiple lengths. This option outperforms others with resistance to natural mold and decay as well as superior strength, individuality and durability. This product will provide decades of solid performance.

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