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B&H Australia has been an innovator in visual communications technology, bringing to its clients individual solutions for particular environments – be it the classroom, boardroom, reception area, home theatre, or full lecture theatre. Personalised design, service, after sales support, and maintenance are all part of the package, and come at affordable prices.

Striving to not only meet, but to exceed client expectations, explains why some of Australia’s “Top 500” companies have chosen B&H as their partner for presentation solutions.

When looking for a projector, control system, plasma screen, PA system, or any audio visual equipment, for purchase, installation or hire, B&H is the answer for an innovative AV solution.

Innovative AV solutions today and into the future…

Today’s complex and varied business environments demand top quality delivery of information by the correct means to serve the surroundings. Quality, simplicity, and reliability – these are the keys to a successful outcome. B&H Australia has partnered with world-recognised presentation and audio visual manufacturers to ensure that it delivers the goods!

Expertise in AV systems has been demonstrated across Australia in many project fields: conference centres, board rooms, cinemas, schools, aged care facilities – in fact, anywhere where groups of people gather to learn or be informed.

B&H offers a tailored solution, designed to specific project requirements. Their experience if providing quality AV solutions includes integrating network graphics or video information into one high resolution projected display.

Since 1987, B&H Australia have supplied presentation, audio-visual and integration solutions to the Australian marketplace. In addition to hardware, the company provides a host of services including design engineering, project maintenance, installation and maintenance, on-site demonstrations, and on-site training. Operating under the slogan ‘the quality and after-sales support will be remembered long after the price has been forgotten’, Australian owned and operated B&H has wide application in the classroom, boardroom, reception area, home theatre, or full lecture theatre.

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into everyday life within the workspace, East Coast Audio Visual have developed a range of products to cater for the increasing reliance on teleconferencing and telecommunications.

A broad range of customisable audio and visual products boasts numerous features that are certain to enhance the teleconferencing experience in any corporate setting. From optimum microphone sensitivity to acoustic echo suppression and background noise cancelling, East Coast Audio Visual conferencing products are designed with the user firmly in mind. Catering for any set of requirements and budget, the company provides a comprehensive client consultation service, ensuring the best solutions are delivered for every project.

East Coast Audio Visual (ECAV) is a premium provider of Professional Audio Visual Solutions & Services. Leveraging people and systems has become more challenging & faster paced with demands placed on all of us to more effectively communicate and collaborate.

Modern day Audio Visual is about fitting the right technology into a physical space to deliver content that will inform, educate and inspire.   Well thought out & planned AV best leverages ICT Systems by integrating with the organisation’s devices, applications and infrastructure. ECAV provides total end-to-end solutions for our clients by providing the understanding, knowledge, recommendations, installation and ongoing maintenance from the most simple AV system, to those with the highest performance expectations and complexity.

AV implementations often form part of a new building fit-out so they need to align with the construction process; from complementing the architect’s style, working with other building trades and through to on-going operation.

From Corporate and Government ICT Departments, to Education, to Fit-out & Construction companies and ICT Service Provider partners – ECAV brings together deep understanding of AV Technology & People to create outstanding solutions.

Based on the North Shore of Sydney, and started in 1994; ECAV works with clients across Australia and the world.

Enjoy the highest quality entertainment experience without leaving the comfort of your own home with Amber Technology’s home entertainment products. Incorporating first class engineering and state-of-the-art technology, the entire product range is designed to deliver only the very best solutions to your home cinema. From top-of-the-range speakers and headphones, to innovative multi-room AV, automation and lighting, right down to quality remote controls, cables and accessories, Amber Technology has the home entertainment solution you need.

Inter-M has been providing professional audio and commercial sound systems for the last 20 years, with the aim of improving ease of installation, ease of operation, and superior technology performance. The Inter-M PAM-340 5-Zone Mixer Amplifier features three optional modular signal sources – CD player, cassette or AM/FM tuner – and 5 individually selectable speaker zones with all-call function, as well as Emergency Announcement based on alarm input and single-cycle multi-tone chime.

Power consumption: 260 W + Remote control + Pre-announcement, multi-tone chime + Optional Modular Signal Sources: FM/AM tuner, cassette, CD Player + Weight: 13.5 Kg + Dimensions: 360 X 132 X 420 mm + Line in/out for additional miser or amp + Emergency Announcement based on alarm input + 3 band equalizer on inputs: 100Hz/1kHz/10kHz +-12dB + 2 band equalizer (Master): 100Hz/10kHz +-12dB

Inter-M has been providing professional audio and commercial sound systems for the last 20 years, with the aim of improving ease of installation, ease of operation, and superior technology performance. The Inter-M EMI-300 7 Channel Mixing Amplifier features 5 line inputs and 2 microphone inputs, and 2 full-stereo master sections with individual controls. Microphone input 1 has an integrating ducking function for automatically fading music to background level during announcements, and the unit includes a limiter for internal power amplifiers, eliminating overload distortion.

Output power into 4 ohms 2x 150W, into 8 ohms 2 x 100 W, bridged into 8 ohms 1 x 300W + Distortion: THD < 0.1% + Frequency range: 8 – 25,000 Hz + Dimensions: 383 (D) X 90 (H) X 483 (W) mm + Weight: 13 Kg + Power Consumption: 261 W + Frequency Range: 18-25 Hz

The UniVox PLS-300 Amplifier is capable of covering spaces of up to 300 square metres, providing exceptionally clear, high-quality sound to all areas, with stable sound and high speech recognition. The UniVox PLS-300 Amplifier provides short-circuit proof output, with 14 A RMS, making it a powerful and a secure amplifier with a proven safety margin, and sound quality can be checked with the help of a built-in monitor.

Automatic resettable fuse + Well-proven high-quality technology + 3 LEDs: indicating loop current, input level, and mains power + Loudspeaker/earphone can be used for monitoring magnetic field + High-speech intelligibility obtained through dual action AGC + 1 phono input + 2 line outputs + High-frequency + High output current: 60 A p-p, 14 A RMS + Fulfils IEC 60118-4: 2006 standards

DAS Audio CL TB Ceiling Speakers are a two-way full-range, passive ceiling loudspeaker which incorporates 6.5-inch cone low frequency transducer in a ferrofluid-cooled soft-dome high-frequency unit. All this is followed by ‘integral diffraction ring’.The CL TB Ceiling Speaker from DAS Audio also features an integral diffraction ring and multi-tap line transformer, and comes complete with mounting tabs for easy installation on ceiling surfaces and overhangs. Perforated metal grills cover the visible façade, making it easy to seamlessly integrate the TB Ceiling into any room décor.

Co-axial tweeter + 2-way full-range speaker along with Backcan + Rear located tap selector + 100 V, 70 V distributed systems + 6-inch, low-frequency driver + Power Handling (RMS): 40 W + Frequency range: 70 Hz-20 KHz + Coverage angles: 100 degrees vertical and horizontal

The Inter-MPX-800 Audio Matrix Controller is a new concept in audi matrix systems for public address and emergency broadcasting. This product allows for individual of lump-set background music (BGM) broadcasting to 8 different output areas, with unlimited capacity for expansion by connection to the main system, as well as previous hearing of the background music using a monitor speaker, and convenient priority broadcasting for use with paging microphones or warning alarms. The Inter-M PX-800 Audio Matrix Controller is easily connected to an 8-channel power amp via the lump output terminal, and uses RS-422 communication to support broadcasting over a long distance.

I/O signal level display + Able to adjust individual tone in each output area + Record and Playback IC used to record voice + Lump output terminal + RS-422 communication + Range of chime broadcastings for mic broadcasting + Previous hearing of BGM via monitor speaker + Convenient priority broadcasting

With 20years industry experience, Inter-M has carved a niche as supplier of the highest quality, technology focused public address amplifiers on the market. The Inter-M PCT-620 Public Address Amplifier is one product in the Inter-M range, with digital processing, 6 balanced inputs, 5 individually selectable speaker zones, and a choice of input between CD, FM Tuner, Multi-tone chime or Digital Record Playback, the PCT-620 Public Address Amplifier is the ideal choice for professional, multi-zone audio broadcasting.

Digital processing + Priority muting + RS-232 out/in control + 6 balanced inputs with adjustable sensitivity Digital 3-band equalizer on inputs + 2-band equalizer (Master) + IR Remote Control + Multi-tone chime / Digital Record Playback + Adjustable priority muting + Power consumption: 70 W + Weight: 8.5kg + Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 132 x 380 mm


DAS Audio CL 6T Ceiling Speakers are a two-way full-range, passive ceiling loudspeaker which incorporates a low-frequency, 6.5-inch conical transducer in a ferrofluid-cooled one-inch, soft-dome, high-frequency unit with integral diffraction ring. The CL 6T Ceiling Speaker system is equipped with a multi-tap line transformer, and its low-frequency driver is mounted on a plastic support with various mounting tabs, making it easy to install on ceiling surfaces and overhangs. The front of the speaker unit is also covered with a low-profile perforated metal grille, so it can be integrated into any decor: after all, speakers are made to be heard, not seen.

2-way full-range ceiling speaker + Multi-tap, high-efficiency transformer + Co-axial tweeter + 100 V, 70 V distributed systems + 6-inch, low-frequency driver + Power Handling (RMS): 40 W + Frequency Range: 60 Hz-20 KHz + On-axis sensitivity (1 m/1 W): 90 dB SPL + Coverage Angles: 1—degrees vertical and horizontal + Normal impedance: 5 ohms

Klang Audiovisual specialise in International Award Winning audiovisual products that you will not find anywhere else, even though you will find them in many of the world’s best homes. At the same time, the company’s focus is on sustainable solutions, as well as providing an alternative to the same old brands. Klang Audiovisual provide complete consultancy, project management and installation of whole home solutions including audiovisual products, home automation, lighting control, security and more, from the simplest solution to the most complex.

T + A Elektroakoustik TALIS Speakers provide ambience to any home, with their size and style sure to attract many customers. Such a large sound from such a small cabinet is possible through great expertise and a sophisticated design. The design presents gently rounded front grilles and plinths which give cabinets an elegant appearance, housed in extruded aluminium profiles (the alternative LIGNUM series is made from laminated hardwood).

Slim design, maximum sound + Aluminium cabinets + A range of accessories + High quality speakers

Floor stander + Small floor stander + Centre or panel speaker + Bookshelf or rear speaker + Small active subwoofer + Active subwoofer

The TAB 621 E is an ideal rear speaker surround sound systems, especially designed for difficult situations where there is no space for classic stereo speakers. These high frequency drivers are installed at the top of the TAB cabinet where they radiate sound in an upward angle position. Sound is reflected from the side walls and ceiling with impressive representation of surround and depth effects.

Nominal power rating: 70 watts + Music power rating: 100 watts + Impedance: 4 Ohms + Frequency response: 40 – 25000 Hz + Sensitivity: 90 dB/1 m of 2,0 watts + Bass drive unit: 1 x 170 mm and high frequency drive unit is 2 x 60 mm + Dimensions: 60 x 28 x 18 cm + Weight: 11 kg + Available in beech, white and black effect

T + A presents a new compact Hi-Fi system that incorporates the latest and most innovative technologies. The Caruso Multi-Source HiFi System can access anything that supplies music, including USB media storage units, CD, network music servers, iPod, MP3 players and VHF radio. It plays music back in excellent quality through its integral loudspeaker systems. There are three power amplifiers, each of which delivers at least 50 watts of continuous power connected to the loudspeaker units which are controlled with defined precision by active cross over unit.

Digital signal processor to fine-tune sound characteristics + Produces music of high quality whether it is installed on a sideboard, book shelf or a writing desk + Sound experience that is incredible for its size

Video output:YUV (Component), Composite (FBAS) and Audio Formats Streaming Client includes MP3, AAC + OGG-Vorbis, WAV, EMA, FLAC and LPCM + Playlist includes PLS and ASX + Amplifier inputs: 2 x Aux, 2 V / 20 kOhm + Subwoofer: 1 x 50 W continuous output + Dimensions: 17 x 27 x 27 cm + Weight: 9 kg + Variable screen brightness with two time alarm

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