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Bringing premium quality amplifiers and related products to the discerning audio enthusiast, Oceanic Distribution stocks Channel Vision and BRIK products. With the Channel Vision range including 12 channel and 2 channel power amplifiers, IR kits, and outdoor speaker; and the BRIK range including reference grade micro hi-fi components (the products being less than 5cm tall), the options to improve your audio experience are limitless.  

Our Sonance Landscape Series is a totally scalable outdoor speaker system that delivers perfectly-even coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any sized space. SLS provides jaw-dropping sonic performance from small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers that are hidden completely out of sight amongst plants and under foliage.

SLS Systems

  • Systems provide optimal amount of Subs and Sats for a predetermined amount of space.
  • More cost effective as a package with Subs, Sats, and Amp.
  • System is expandable to accommodate more Sats or Subs if needed.
  • Sonance offers customized SLS design and layout services.  

Please contact us to design the optimal system for your space

Enjoy the highest quality entertainment experience without leaving the comfort of your own home with Amber Technology’s home entertainment products. Incorporating first class engineering and state-of-the-art technology, the entire product range is designed to deliver only the very best solutions to your home cinema. From top-of-the-range speakers and headphones, to innovative multi-room AV, automation and lighting, right down to quality remote controls, cables and accessories, Amber Technology has the home entertainment solution you need.

Klang Audiovisual specialise in International Award Winning audiovisual products that you will not find anywhere else, even though you will find them in many of the world’s best homes. At the same time, the company’s focus is on sustainable solutions, as well as providing an alternative to the same old brands. Klang Audiovisual provide complete consultancy, project management and installation of whole home solutions including audiovisual products, home automation, lighting control, security and more, from the simplest solution to the most complex.

T + A Elektroakoustik TALIS Speakers provide ambience to any home, with their size and style sure to attract many customers. Such a large sound from such a small cabinet is possible through great expertise and a sophisticated design. The design presents gently rounded front grilles and plinths which give cabinets an elegant appearance, housed in extruded aluminium profiles (the alternative LIGNUM series is made from laminated hardwood).

Slim design, maximum sound + Aluminium cabinets + A range of accessories + High quality speakers

Floor stander + Small floor stander + Centre or panel speaker + Bookshelf or rear speaker + Small active subwoofer + Active subwoofer

The TAB 621 E is an ideal rear speaker surround sound systems, especially designed for difficult situations where there is no space for classic stereo speakers. These high frequency drivers are installed at the top of the TAB cabinet where they radiate sound in an upward angle position. Sound is reflected from the side walls and ceiling with impressive representation of surround and depth effects.

Nominal power rating: 70 watts + Music power rating: 100 watts + Impedance: 4 Ohms + Frequency response: 40 – 25000 Hz + Sensitivity: 90 dB/1 m of 2,0 watts + Bass drive unit: 1 x 170 mm and high frequency drive unit is 2 x 60 mm + Dimensions: 60 x 28 x 18 cm + Weight: 11 kg + Available in beech, white and black effect

T + A presents a new compact Hi-Fi system that incorporates the latest and most innovative technologies. The Caruso Multi-Source HiFi System can access anything that supplies music, including USB media storage units, CD, network music servers, iPod, MP3 players and VHF radio. It plays music back in excellent quality through its integral loudspeaker systems. There are three power amplifiers, each of which delivers at least 50 watts of continuous power connected to the loudspeaker units which are controlled with defined precision by active cross over unit.

Digital signal processor to fine-tune sound characteristics + Produces music of high quality whether it is installed on a sideboard, book shelf or a writing desk + Sound experience that is incredible for its size

Video output:YUV (Component), Composite (FBAS) and Audio Formats Streaming Client includes MP3, AAC + OGG-Vorbis, WAV, EMA, FLAC and LPCM + Playlist includes PLS and ASX + Amplifier inputs: 2 x Aux, 2 V / 20 kOhm + Subwoofer: 1 x 50 W continuous output + Dimensions: 17 x 27 x 27 cm + Weight: 9 kg + Variable screen brightness with two time alarm

The P1260 R Audiophile Pre-Amplifier was selected by Hi-Fi Magazine as device of the year for six consecutive years without any modifications by the company. T & A has succeeded in improving it further by introduction of P1260 R Audiophile Pre-Amplifier. This system is the latest generation of audio operational amplifiers and is crucial for sound generation. They are mounted on their own double sided circuit board with power plane, constant current by-pass and voltage de-coupling to ensure that the op-amps have perfect conditions for unprecedented sound quality as well as the latest high end components.

Sophisticated design feature OAD – Op Amp Decoupling + Seven line level inputs, with two input buffers for high impedance, television and tape + Option to upgrade from manual control to a central remote control system with R-series pre-amplifiers and integrated amplifiers

Has subsonic filter: 14 dB + Intermodulation: more than 0,001% + Total harmonic distortion: more than 0,001 % + Channel separation: less than 90 dB + Input sensitivity nominal – high level – 250 mV / 20 kOhm + Heaphone Output: 50 Ohm + Weight: 7 kg + Available in silver aluminium or black finish + Optional remote control

With all of the magnets atop the Vibratron tuning magnets, you should hear a noticeable increase in mid-range liquidity and warmth. By removing the magnets completely, you can hear a lift in high frequency extension. Experimenting with different combinations of large gold magnets and the smaller silver magnets results in a customisable audio solution ideal for your individual listening requirements. The Synergistic Research Vibratron is placed on the front wall behind the main speakers, about six to eight inches above the tweeters, of if necessary can also be placed atop a system rack or any piece of furniture located between the main speakers.

Duevel presents a variety of loudspeakers to customers who require only the best high end sound reproduction, including the Bella Luna ‘diamante’, Planets, Sirius and Venus. Venus is dry and deep with spatial sound and typical point source obsession potentiality: there are no burdensome pressures on the user’s ears, and the speakers are slimline and stylish enough to be kept anywhere in the house.

Omnidirectional 2-way-loudspeaker + Woofer: Carbon fibre cone diameter: 22 cm + Ferrit magnet 110 mm + Mid/high frequency textile dome: 34 mm and ferrit magnet 100 mm + Impedance: 4 Ohm + Sensitivity: 88 dB SPL + Dimension: 280 mm x 260 mm x height 970mm + Weight: 20kg + Five year warranty period

Sirius is the supreme amongst all speakers, consisting of five watts of SET amplifications which wakes the ultimate power locked within the massive Jove. You will be captivated by the expression of live music in the home, the ultimate realisation of recorded music bringing you back to the original venue where the music was first played. This system is amazing with a thunderous base to take you back to where it all began, and soaring highs to fill even the largest spaces.

Total weight: 75kg + 5 watts of SET amplification + Tweeter weight: 3.6kg + Tweeter diameter: 131mm + Die-cast chassis + Woofer weight: 6.2kg + Woofer diameter: 315mm + 16 Neodymium magnets: 26mm + Phaselinear crossover impedance: 6 Ohm + Sensitivity: 93 dB SPL + 5 year guarantee

The BG Radia Corp Z-Series high performance loudspeakers from Klang Audiovisual are elegant and stylish speakers which are adept at delivering amazing home theatre sound and faithful two channel music. The speakers make use of many innovations like planar ribbon technology which accurately reproduces the silky sounds of a classical guitar, the high impact sound front Hollywood movies or the hushed whisper of a human voice, making it a favourite with present leading designers. These are meticulously constructed systems with reinforced cabinets made from the finest hardwoods, for a beautiful, long-lasting appearance.

Crafted from the finest materials + Zero tolerance for any error and maximum desire for discrete high fidelity + Can turn modest multi channel home theatre systems into a powerhouse of sound and music + Quality craftsmanship at an affordable price + Exclusive planar ribbon technology produces a smooth soundstage irrespective of listening position

Monitor/Bookshelf, Active subwoofer, multipurpose and floor standing + Available in 5.25” woofer, two 5.25” woofer with aluminium cone, shielded + Weight: models vary from 13lbs, 22 lbs, 42 lbs and 56 lbs + Five year warranty for Z-sub I or life time warranty for other series

BG Radio Corp presents the award winning Radia R-800 P, the finest design and engineered technology provided in an architectural loudspeakers. This amazing system is consistent with the BG legacy of line source with new levels of sensitivity, accuracy and output with the finest free standing loudspeakers. With their elegant appearance and sonic fidelity, these loudspeakers are suitable for either critical music listening or for home theatres. The Radio R-800 P Architectural Speaker features NEO 10, a 10’ x 5 ‘ planar ribbon midrange driver, which exists as per the proprietary and patented technology of the company.

Three way discrete line array in-wall loudspeaker + Dimensions: 81.5”x11.58”x3.7”/1.2” + Weight: 32 kg + Wall cut out size: 1992mm x 264 mm + Driver complement: LF is 2-8”woofers in controlled directivity array, MF is 6-Neo10 planar ribbon line array and HF is 16 Neo3PDRW planar ribbon line array + Frequency response: 57 Hz – 25 kHz + Power handling: 500 W (AES) and 1000 W max (long term IEC 60286-5) + Limited lifetime warranty period

BG is the world leader in planar ribbon loudspeakers, and the RT range is no exception. These are new and highly affordable custom speakers which can accommodate any budget, combining patented technology with the latest design and manufacturing techniques. This allows BG to offer the customer an exceptional class custom sound system across a range of three easy-to-install models: RT-6 rectangular in-wall speakers, RT-6C round in ceiling speaker and RT-6CJ.

The system has lifetime warranty with quality construction and each model features screw actuated glass filled dog clamps for instant sure installation + Patented planar ribbon tweeters based on BG’s award winning design + Planar ribbon technology offers smooth and balanced coverage for the entire listening area with extra wide sweet spot to enjoy + High performance woofers are available with poly composite cone and rubber which are surrounded with extended bass

Overall dimensions of RT -6: 8 9/16” x 11 7/8”; RT-6V is 8 13/16” x 4 ½” + Dimensions for RT-6CJ: 8 13/16” x 4 ½” + Weight for RT-6 and RT-6c: 4 lbs + Weight of RT-6CJ: 3.5 lbs + Lifetime warranty + Power handling for all is 80 W RMS

The PD- 8i In-Wall Spekaer is the largest and most powerful wall model presented by BG Radia Corp, capable of filling large spaces with natural sound. Each part of the system has unique features. The Neo 3PDR planar ribbon tweeter is installed to deliver a broad, well defined soundstage for the entire listening area. To add to its marvellous dispersion and resolution, the PD-8i has an innovative woofer which has high excursion capabilities and low distortion levels. The high tech woofer design uses compact Neodymium magnets which offer an acoustically transparent woofer chassis to improve the midrange clarity by eliminating sound reflections behind the woofer.

Kevlar cone woofers offer two channel clarity and are known to achieve extreme dynamics + PD-8i wall speakers are crafted with high impact and poly-composite frames suitable for the entire house. + Clean, clear and smooth, offering high performance in wall or ceiling sound systems + Easy to install, powerful and offer a wide range of area listening environments

Installed depth is 3 7/8” from surface with nominal impedance of 8 ohms and frequency response of 50 Hz – 25 kHz + Power handling of 100 W RMS and sensitivity of 88 dB/1W/1M + PD series loudspeakers use high quality glass filled composite dog toggle clamps for easy mounting + Lifetime warranty.

The 520i freestanding loudspeaker by BG Radio is the most versatile loudspeaker available, offering excellent power handling with dynamic peaks and long term reliability. This speaker incorporates a 50 inch planar ribbon line source driver with a linear push-pull motor to drive an ultra light diaphragm above a passive crossover point of 350Hz. The speaker is housed in a custom, black-anodised aluminium tower with an MDF base and finished with a striking wear resistant coating, to give it a long life warranty.

Dynamic, smooth and ultra clean + Cylindrical sound field, eliminating unwanted mid and high frequency floor and ceiling reflections + Accurately reproduces dynamic peaks at high power for realistic reproduction + Loudspeaker has planar ribbon drivers which offer amazing clarity, fidelity and resolution + MDF enclosure housing the mid bass drivers and crossover components.

Planar driver finished with a black fabric grille and black anodised tower + Maximum power: 50 – 250 watts + Frequency response: 70 Hz-20kHz + Crossover frequency: 350 Hz + Dimensions: 70.25” x 9.25” x 13.25” base 13.75” x 17.75” + Weight: 59 lbs

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