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Retaining heat in winter and providing a cooling effect in summer, GLASSX is a glazing system for passive solar control and energy storage. Using a salt hydrate Phase Change Material (PCM), the 5cm thick glass module is able to mimic the thermal storage capacity of a concrete wall of about 20cm thickness. During the day, solar heat is retained in the melted PCM, which recrystalises at nightfall to emit the stored heat.

Available in double, triple, and quadruple glazing options, PCM is the ideal glass facade solution for projects requiring optimum levels of thermodynamism. LAROS technologies offers a wide range of colouring and size options for the GLASSX range, and works with clients at every stage of the design process to ensure delivery of the best solution in every case.

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All products can be integrated with Kingspan’s insulated roof and wall panel systems to provide the perfect finish to complete any building project.

A range of daylighting products for both roof and wall that allows natural light into buildings, whilst maintaining thermal efficiency and aesthetic appearance. Available in different colours, they perfectly integrate with the range of roof and wall systems.

To complete any contemporary facade, JWI manufactures vertical Western Red Cedar louvres as a perfect match. The blades are controllable on an operable system, which can be managed manually or electronically to prevent excessive heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. 

Johnson Window Films have been established manufacturers of purpose-designed window films for more than thirty years. The company’s window films for residential solar control offers optimum control inside the house for thermal and visual comfort.  Solar control is established room to room by reducing glare and achieving heat rejection specified by customers.  The films can also be finished to match any aesthetic with a wide variety of shades to choose from and can either provide  visual privacy or maximum visibility.  On top of producing quality products, Johnson Window Films welcome customer consultations with one of their specialists to ensure the correct film is chosen, saving time and money.  

Range of residential film options  +  Scratch resistant film  +  Easy-to-care  +  Special warranty that includes care and cleaning tips for window film  


Daylight Natural  +  Sunset Bronze  +  Solar Silver  +  ScenicView  +  NightScape  +  Palisade  +  Architectural  +  Specialty Series

Viridian VFloat SuperGreen is a super toned glass product which delivers significant improvements in solar performance when compared to normal toned glass or VFloat. The colours are deeper, while still ensuring natural views from the interior with the help of low exterior reflectance, ensuring approximately 20% better solar performance in comparison with traditional tones.

Low reflectance + Neutral Light Transmittance + High solar-control float glass + Better solar performance than normal toned glass

Viridian SolTech is a low emissivity glass, which is used either as an inner glass, in combination with Viridian ThermoTech, or as a solar control laminated glass in external applications. Viridian SolTech is never used as single glass: it is designed to be used in combination with other Viridian Glass products. When used with ThermoTech, for example, SolTech increases insulation and serves as a second defense against solar rays. Common applications include those which require extra solar protection and further reductions in energy use.

Pyrolytic Coating + Color Neutral + Simple processing + Does not require coating edge deletion

Viridian EVantage is a cost-efficient glazing solution for projects in need of an alternative to standard glass that offers better thermal and solar performance. Viridian EVantage is produced by the Viridian pyrolithic process, where a gas reacts with the semi-molten surface of the flat glass, forming a reflective coating on toned and clear substrates. This result provides a combination of thermal and solar performance, glare control, and subtle reflectivity, with base colours available in either bronze, grey, or clear.

Solar performance + Glare control + Thermal resistance + Good light transmission with subtle reflectivity + Low UV transmission + Short Lead Times + Can be utilised in single-gazed form with coating exposed

Viridian EnviroShield Performance XIR is a highly specialised glass products, where film is encapsulated in laminated glass, thereby creating an energy efficient, colour-neutral product with superb solar control properties. XLR offers particularly exceptional reduction of solar heat gain, and in some applications, is even superior in comparison to heavily tinted and higher or reflective solar control products, while still resembling standard clear flat glass.

Looks just like standard transparent glass + Superior heat-gain resistance, even compared to full tinting + Colour-neutral

Viridian ComfortPlus is a laminated glass product developed to meet the objectives of specifiers with regards to high performance solar control, transparency and low reflection. ComfortPlus is a cost-effective way of reducing heating and cooling costs and energy consumption, while maintaining a comfortable internal environmental all year round. The high daylight transmission and solar control of ComfortPlus makes it possible to have large areas of glazing without wasting energy or increasing demand for curtains and blinds.

Cost-efficient insulation + Daylight transmission: Up to 76% + Solar Control: up to 70% + Fading reduction: 30% improvement in ‘U’ Value

New Envirotec Dual Climate Energy Control Film is a range of spectrally selective window films improved with a microscopic metallic coating. They have been optically designed to reflect some electromagnetic radiation wavelengths, so that at the same time, they remain transparent yet block out light from other angles. Heating infrared radiation is blocked completely, but a high proportion of sunlight, or visible solar radiation is transmitted. This product therefore provides a dual climate benefit: during the summer season, heat from sun is reflected away, but during the winter season, a certain quantity of heat from outer area passes through glass. This leads to reflection of radiant heat back inside the room. Envirotec Dual Climate Energy Control Film therefore makes windows more efficient, irrespective of season.

Protection from glare and heat + Transparent for good visibility + Lower utility operating costs + Long-lasting good looks ensured by scratch-resistant coating + Blocks around 99% of UV rays + Blocks around 55% of solar energy on the whole + High visible light transmission up to 70%

High Performance Window Films offer energy management solutions with their environmentally efficient and cost saving range of Energy management Films. By protecting buildings from temperature variations and reducing solar heat gain by 80%, these films can produce energy savings of up to 35%. The effectiveness of these products is guaranteed by their high star ratings under the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS). Ensuring Energy MF™ will save money over the life cycle of the building while also reducing its environmental impact. Their free energy modelling analysis offers an obligation-free way of seeing how these savings can best apply to your building. These energy savings are accompanied by tangible improvements to the quality of life for users of the building. Reducing glare on computer screens by over 85%, Energy Management Film can limit eye strain and fatigue. As well as this, by blocking solar heat gain, these films make it possible to create an even temperature throughout the building, eliminating hot spots. In the event of window breakage, it will even limit damage and injury by holding glass shards in place. The result is a happier, safer and more productive workforce, and more comfortable and satisfied tenants. Blocking 99% of harmful UV rays, these films will make your building a more pleasant and comfortable environment. And, because UV radiation is responsible for 40% of all fading, they can lengthen the life of carpets, furniture, fittings and display stock, reducing replacement costs and keeping the building interiors looking new for longer.

Blocks solar heat gain + reduces glare on computer screens by over 85% + saves money + Lower utility operating costs + blocks around 99% of UV rays + helps limit eye strain and fatigue.

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