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Innovative access solutions that demonstrate how entrances can be opened and closed dependably, energy-efficiently and enabling barrier-free access. The range of automatic sliding doors allow relative design freedom and offer a complete system solution for your design.

Modern fine framed profiles combined with the Dorma ES 200 Automatic Sliding Door Operator to form a visually appealing complete door system with a variety of applications. Offering high user convenience and easy accessibility, the Dorma ST FLEX invokes an inviting atmosphere.

In conjunction with other doors from the FLEX family (FLEX Green and FLEX SECURE) the system can be used to create a harmonious overall look.

  • Designed by dormakaba to meet the requirements of EN16005 “Power operated pedestrian door sets. Safety in use, requirements and test methods”
  • Fine frame profiles FLEX and FLEX Green provide elegant and slender design aesthetics
  • The full range of performance functions for the Dorma ES 200 automatic sliding door operator (tested to 1,000,000 cycles)
  • Tailored sizes and bespoke manufactured to suit your project
  • Installation ‘project coordinated’ by the dormakaba Projects Team

Field of Application

  • Ideal for, but not limited to, use on stores, shops, healthcare and education projects
  • Suitable for use on emergency escape routes
  • Ideal to meet the relative legislative requirements for disabled access

With unsurpassed design flexibility, the Space: Maker Softline™ sliding wardrobe door system offers the chance to design your space at a surprisingly affordable price. Without rattling and accumulated dust, how will you know your sliding wardrobe? Modern contoured cushioning is paired with perfectly secure panels in order to maintain that wardrobe door panels cannot jump the track whilst offering a smooth modern facade via contemporary grip tiles. The Space: Maker Softline™ is Australian Standard compliant and has been awarded The Good Design Award™ in multiple categories. Customising a space of peace has never been easier, with freestanding, wall to wall or corner installations available up to three metres in height, these wardrobes are made of the highest quality Australian aluminium extrusions with a wide variety of wood grain, acrylic and vinyl finishes.

The Space: Maker Slimline™ Triple Track is one of the most reliable sliding wardrobe door systems on the market today. Large 41mm diameter convex rollers and powerful galvanised metal adjustment brackets are concealed within the door bottoms, offering both longevity and security. Space: Maker Slimline™ Triple Track slides along a low-profile bottom track which is unobtrusive to the eye and easy to clean, offering a modern and understated aesthetic to any home. All within 81mm width! This triple track, three door sliding wardrobe features two-thirds opening capability for ease of access, whilst a matching infill buffer with grip stile eliminates metal to metal contact, which allows the Space: Maker Slimline™ Triple Track to exude its smooth, contemporary appearance. An innovative head guide feature in the panel screw fixing design means that the panels cannot jump the tracks and rattling is eliminated, producing a smooth operating system.

Featuring smooth sliding doors and a patented sequential door opening system, Dias Aluminium’s Series 9300™ product family is an Australian Good Design AwardTM winning range of premium framed shower screens. Affordable and innovative, the flexible shower screen system uses a unique pulley-roller system to ensure smooth and virtually silent operation. Contemporary contoured profiles are combined with highly resistant glazing panels in widths of 4mm to 6.38mm, to deliver both exceptional performance and a sleek modern aesthetic to complement any home bathroom. Fully compliant with the relevant Australian Standards, the low maintenance shower screen systems can be specified in a range of factory and custom colours, and can be designed for installation in most bathrooms.

Maximising natural light penetration and allowing a seamless interior-exterior transition whilst consuming minimal floorspace, Reynaers sliding systems are ideal for residential applications.

With a wide range of options for manual and automatic operation, the versatile selection of aluminium-framed glazing is durable and secure, and can be specified to suit any project requirement. The system is available in a broad variety of colours and finishes, with optional surface treatments for the frame and glazing also available. 

Vitrius Portavant sliding doors are the latest in all-glass sliding door technology, effortlessly combining sleek contemporary style with high functionality. System fit to suit the needs of every installation environment, the innovative range of glass hardware offers outstanding cost efficiency, with a competitive price and extended product life span.

The Portavant line is subdivided into three product families to suit sash widths of all dimensions, with all units featuring a cushioned auto-close and reliable exact trigger mechanism. 

Combining sleek modern design with high functionality, the Gilgen SRM Circular sliding door enhances any building entrance. Featuring adjustable speed, the fully automated doors are compatible with either concave or convex installation, meaning that door leaves can be placed either inside or outside a building.

With a minimum radius of 1000mm, the up to 2500mm high sliding doors are suitable for corporate or commercial applications with high traffic. Doorways can work with clients to develop a door system that is circular, semi-circular, or merely a curved segment, tailoring the system to suit the needs of each project.

Gilgen’s modular door systems enable easy customisation to suit the specific requirements of any project. Available in an expansive range of materials, colours, thicknesses, finishes, and shapes, the versatile doors allow endless possibilities for design innovation.

Notable custom products include the Gilgen Media Door, which incorporates flatscreen displays into door leaves to transform ordinary doors into valuable communication tools. The Media Door is an effective advertising means suitable for installation at the point of entrance of corporate or commercial buildings.

For non-conventionally shaped installation sites and facade surfaces where sliding doors are desired, the prismatic sliding door is ideal. Using smaller door modules, the flexible system allows sliding doors to take paths that are curved or angular.

User safety and security is one of Doorways and Gilgen’s primary concerns, as reflected in their range of breakout doors. Looking and functioning like regular doors during day-to-day operation, the breakout sliding doors allow quick, easy, and safe escape in case of an emergency.

In the case of an incident requiring evacuation, the hinged sliding doors can be manually opened outwards, functioning as a conventional swing door and providing an alternative escape route. The breakout doors are particularly helpful in the event of panic, allowing use of the full width of an opening to accomodate both crowds and vehicles. Infills can be selected from a choice of plastic, aluminium, and wood, with insulating glass panels between 6 and 24mm thick also available.

To ensure the highest possible level of hygiene in projects requiring clinically sterile interiors, Doorways supplies a range of hermetically sealed sliding doors. The sealed doors operate using a universal SLX-D drive system favoured for hospital, laboratory, pharmaceutical, and food industry buildings.

Doorways hermetically sealed doors employ a lowering and pivoting mechanism that automatically lowers and presses the door leaf flush against the floor and wall to ensure a complete seal. For this reason, the system is suitable for use with rooms fitted with an air purification system. The automatic system can also be combined with plastic or timber wings for sound-absorbing applications.

Fully integrated into ceilings and incorporating an invisible drive technique, Doorways automatic sliding wall systems allow elegant entry and exit for interior areas. The fully automated systems use a Gilgen drive technique and leaf stacking system to facilitate angular, curved, or straight sliding wall systems.

Capable of minimising draughts, dust, noise, and extreme temperatures, the system is also burglar retardant, and suitable for applications in public and office buildings. Doorways sliding walls are fabricated with aluminium profiles and a selection of glass, wood, or metal leaves, and are compatible with single access sliding or swing doors.

Enabling the fast and efficient handsfree opening and closure of passageways, the Doorways and Gilgen selection of sliding doors is unrivalled in performance.

Available in single, bi-part, or telescopic sliding door variations, the systems are ideal for high traffic commercial or corporate applications. Each Gilgen drive unit and door framing system is designed to carry loads of up to 480kg, and can be optimised to suit any design environment. Bungee straps and a fully enclosed mechanism allow for maximum safety, while a running profile with a replaceable track system ensures near silent operation.

Developed to meet all safety requirements for entries and emergency exits in public buildings, PORTALP’s Universal Full Break-out leaves provide an innovative alternative to existing emergency escapes.

Compatible with all doors in the PORTALP range, the break-out component allows entire glazing panels and frames to be pushed out with the manual application of pressure. In the case of an emergency, such a capability would allow for the full width of a sliding door system to be used for escape, while also allowing the passage of emergency service vehicles.

During regular operation, the full breakout door functions as a conventional automatic sliding door, and is not discernible as an emergency exit. Full breakout door systems can be installed with completely detachable or semi-fixed leaves, and can accommodate glazing up to 26mm thick. 

The ultimate combination of performance, reliability, and discreet contemporary design, PORTALP DIVA doors are suitable for public places with heavy foot traffic.

The customisable telescoping doors operate on a modular system that allows ease of upgrading and maintenance, as well as adjustment depending on the needs of each particular project. Finishes, glazing, and material choice are all specified by the designer, ensuring an entry solution tailored to every structure and context.

DIVA doors can be easily integrated into existing structures, rendering them suitable for both new builds and retrofit applications. Additionally, the automatic door can be combined with PORTALP’s selection of automated control systems to maximise operational efficiency.

PORTALP offers a wide range of sliding doors to suit any commercial entrance application. Combining elegant contemporary design with high performance, PORTALP sliding doors can be rapidly installed in a range of contexts.

The highly customisable doors are supplied with toughened glazing up to 50mm thick, and all automatic mechanisms are able to bear doors up to 120kg in weight. Boasting a reliably smooth opening and closing action, alongside modular design that is easy to upgrade, maintain, and install, PORTALP sliding doors are the ideal entry solutions for high-traffic areas.

Control functions can also be customised depending on client and user needs, with optional extras including infrared remote controls, infrared locks, and variable opening widths. 

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