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  • Sliding doors are fitted with adjustable heavy duty roller systems for smooth operation. The rollers always glide easily and the powder coated finish is equally easy to look after.
  • Wheelchair access is available with the Easyrider™ sill.
  • Three types of interlocks are available depending on the wind load requirement.
  • “A” Grade Safety glass as standard.
  • 4mm thick glass to 18mm double glazed units for optimal thermal and energy efficiency applications.
  • All glazing options are Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) rated, providing a wide range of energy efficient solutions.
  • Acoustic solutions are available.
  • Complies to Australian Standards – AS2047 and AS1288.

For garages with tight space constraints, Hormann’s selection of Side Sliding Sectional doors is the optimum solution. Opening horizontally and sliding on tracks installed on the interior wall of the garage, the sliding doors require only minimum space during installation and operation.

The horizontal configuration of the tracks allows independence from the ceiling, meaning that side sliding doors can easily be installed beneath pitched or unconventionally formed roofs.

Employing a sectional door design, the side sliding doors can be opened either incrementally or entirely, with twin rollers ensuring a smooth and quiet operation. Both manual and motorised options are available, with finger trap protection included with all products of either specification.

Versatile, whisper-quiet, and strikingly contemporary, the Space:Maker Mirrorline™ is the ideal product for luxury bedroom storage at an affordable price. Australian Standard-compliant frameless glazing panels are combined with a low profile, anti-jump aluminium track and subtle stainless steel handles to create a minimalist wardrobe design perfect for any home. Space:Maker Mirrorline™ glazed panels can be customised to suit any project size and type, conforming to wall-to-wall, freestanding, or corner return installations and ceiling heights of up to three metres. The panels can be structurally braced for oversized applications, with hidden support brackets ensuring safety and structural integrity. Supplied with a 10 year guarantee, the Space:Maker Mirrorline™ system is available in a broad selection of factory and custom colours, alongside a selection of clear, tinted, anti- shatter, or coloured safety glass panels.

Maximising natural light penetration and allowing a seamless interior-exterior transition whilst consuming minimal floorspace, Reynaers sliding systems are ideal for residential applications.

With a wide range of options for manual and automatic operation, the versatile selection of aluminium-framed glazing is durable and secure, and can be specified to suit any project requirement. The system is available in a broad variety of colours and finishes, with optional surface treatments for the frame and glazing also available. 

Dorma’s CS 80 Magneo utilises award winning technology to create a low energy automatic sliding door, operated by “SoftMotion” safety sensors that will stop and reverse its cycle upon light contact. This ensures the system is safe, reliable and wear-resistant. The CS 80 Magneo can be combined with a glass or wooden door up to 80kg making it ideal for homes, clinical practices and restaurants. 

The Agile 150 sliding door system from Dorma includes superb track geometry, reliable stop and long service life. The product allows a minimalist aesthetic through a completely concealed track and the use of just two clamp carrier to support glass weights of up to 150kg. The clamp construction means there is no glass preparation required.

Wintec’s Multi Track 200 features all the benefits of standard sliding doors and more. including the ability to span 7.2 metres for a seamless exterior view. The Multi Track door resides on a 170mm wide sill but still retains a water penetration resistance pressure of 300Pa. The heavy duty roller system and hollow sections ensure that it is operable in cyclonic regions and the rounded interlocks allow for easier maintenance and less damage to surrounding furnishings.  

To respond to the need for higher performing glass doors in the cyclonic regions of Australia, Wintec supplies the Summit 250 Sliding Door. This strength is obtained from the use of large interlocking hollow sections, heavier gauge wall sections and a heavy duty roller system. However, these robust qualities should not stop homes in other regions of Australia from installing Summit sliding doors as due to these properties, heights above three metres can be achieved for a larger and more seamless vista.  

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