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Bringing together contemporary design and unrivalled functionality, the Vizzini range of above counter stone basins is truly unique.

The highly refined basins and chrome fittings are sleek additions to any home bathroom, and are available in numerous shapes and dimensions. Each basin is fitted with a centred or offset waste hole, and is designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Contemporary, unique, and uncompromisingly functional, the Bucatini ceramic washbasin brings modern Italian design to any bathroom.

Featuring two lateral steel towel rails and available in two versions to accommodate mixer or wall mounted taps, the versatile basin can be combined with any accessory in the Artedomus bathware range.

Fabricated from sleek Fragranite Onyx, the Basis sink from Franke is a contemporary double basin sink for the modern home kitchen. Available in lengths of 1160mm or 970mm, the Basis features two bowls of different sizes and a single drainer, with customers able to specify the placement of both the drainer and smaller bowl. 

The flat top surface is receptive to sink mounted faucets, while a generous 200mm bowl depth accommodates even the largest pots, pans, and woks. 

Streamlined, sleek, and highly practical, Petite Sinks from Oliveri are the ideal sink for narrow bench tops. In a compact 770mm x 480mm size, Petite stainless steel sinks maximise countertop and under bench space, featuring a fully integrated rear waste outlet.

A flat tap landing accommodates a filtered water tap or soap dispenser, while a large capacity basin is perfect for even the largest pot, pan, or wok. 

German-manufactured Schock Sinks are up to 80% quartz, the hardest constituent of granite. Offering exceptional strength and durability they are also stain resistant, heat-proof and inhibit 95% of bacterial growth.

For more than 40 years, Barazza in Italy has been at the cutting-edge of kitchen design. Working with the best quality AISI 304 stainless steel, Barazza has the unique ability to incorporate their hobs, sinks and accessories into one unique seamless worktop. The designer has the ultimate freedom to create a functional piece which boasts clean lines, an unrivalled minimalist elegance and a more ergonomic and hygienic finish. Highly qualified staff and exceptionally flexible production allows the Barazza team to follow the entire project manufacturing process in-house in Italy. Design development, laser cutting, pressing and welding, all quality checks and even special shipping packaging  are internally designed and managed. Exclusive to Abey Australia.

Made from Marfil marble from Spain, the Illuka with its 75mm depth appears to float as it sits lightly above counter. The hand-crafted delicateness of the basin, with its finely constructed walls and soft finish is an elegant addition to any bathroom.


Product Code: YSF 05 + Dimensions: 460 mm (L) X 120 mm (H) X 460 mm (H) + Weight: 16 Kg + 75 mm Deep

The Tanunda is a stone basin with a pitched or rough exterior containing highly polished interior and top lip, slightly smaller in comparison to Creations In Stone’s Buni basin, and therefore less prominent when used in above vanity installations. Shown here in Blue Pearl Granite, the Tanunda is also available in Peace Grey, Pearl White, Shanxi Black, Carrara Marble, Crema Marfil, and Dark Emprador Marble. This basin is suitable for heavy-duty uses, though despite appearances, it does weigh somewhat less than many of the comparable basins in the Creations In Stone range.

Product Code: C 03 + Dimensions: 400 mm (L) X 150 mm (H) X 400 mm (H) + Weight: 16 Kg

The Illuka is a basin rich in classical stone elegance, with a generous volume capacity and sweeping shallow bowl that curves directly off-vanity to create a delicate, gravity-defying feature. The various materials in which Illuka is available include Peace Grey, Blue Pearl, Shanxi Black, Carrara Marble, Dark Emprador Marble, and Crema Marfil.

Product Code: YSF 04 + Dimensions: 460 mm (L) X 120 mm (H) X 460 mm (H) + Weight: 16 Kg

The Boroke is a medium-sized slimline sink design, extremely compact in size and yet every inch the grand elegant basin. The surface is gorgeously polished on both the inside and outside, with a raised base. The model seen is in Pearl White granite, with other options including include Dark Emprador Marble, Crema Marfil, Carrara Marble, Blue Pearl, Peace Grey, and Shanxi Black. The Boroke is ideal for smaller applications such as smaller homes or guest bathroom, as it delivers maximum impact but requires far less space and structural support compared to some of the larger products in the Creations In Stone range.

Product Code: C52 + Dimensions: 400 mm(L) X 120 mm (H) X 440 mm (W) + Weight: 18 Kg

The Guyra is a circular, slimline sink featuring a shallow dish-shaped basin with a 15 X 10 mm top rim, and a raised base. The Guyra is highly polished on both the outer side and inner surface, shown here in Pearl White granite, with other options available including Peace Grey, Crema Marfil, Carrara Marble, Dark Emprador Marble, Blue Pearl, and Shanxi Black. With its elegant simplicity, the Guyra basin fits beautifully into sophisticated bathroom applications, and its relatively light construction makes it suitable for inset, recessed and benchtop installations alike.

Product Code: C51 + Dimensions: 440 mm (L) X 120 mm (H) X 440 mm (W) + Weight: 13 Kg

The Paringa basin is a real slimline beauty: a highly-polished rectangular sink, its angular lines defined by a fine 15 X 10 mm rim and 15 mm raised base. The Paringa is available in Pearl White, Blue Pearl, Crema Marfil, Carrara Marble, Dark Emprador Marble, Peace Grey, and Shanxi Black. Thanks to its geometric shape, this basin consumes somewhat less space than many of its rounded counterparts, making it ideal for compact settings and applications dominated by rectilinear décor.

Product Code: C50 + Dimensions: 330 mm (L) X 115 mm (H) X 610 mm (W) + Weight: 18 Kg

The Buni is a large-scale basin with a pitched or rough exterior, accented by a highly-polished rim, shown here in Pearl White Granite. Also available in Blue Pearl, Crema Marfil, Carrara Marble, Dark Emprador Marble, Peace Grey, and Shanxi Black, the Buni is actually somewhat lighter than other basins in the Creations in Stone range, though it bears the same impressive appearance. The Buni basin has a very large volume for its relatively compact size, and is therefore suited to more modest applications where a large-volume sink is preferred.

Product Code: C01 + Dimensions: 460 mm (L) X 160 mm (H) X 460 mm (W) + Weight: 28 Kg

_The Zen is a contemporary dish shaped basin with a highly polished basin and pitched/rough edge, giving it an undeniably oriental aesthetic. Especially when chosen in black granite, the Zen adds a sense of exotic Japanese serenity to any bathroom application, however the basin is also available in Peace Grey, Crema Marfil, Dark Emprador Marble, Blue Pearl, Pearl White, and Peace Grey, so as to complement a range of decors. Subtle and yet sturdy, the Zen will add a touch of minimalist class to any bench or vanity-top installation._

Product Code: C36 + Dimensions: 405 mm(L) X 120 mm (H) X 460 mm (W) + Weight: 20 Kg

The Coombell is a highly polished basin on both the inner surface and outer side, in a circular shape with a deep bowl. The thickness of top edge is between 16 mm and 18 mm, making it one of the more delicate of the Creations In Stone product range. The Coombell basin displayed here is in Blue Granite, with other options available, including Pearl White, Crema Marfil, Carrara Marble, Dark Emprador Marble, Peace Grey, and Shanxi Black, to suit the décor of any application.

Product Code: C35 + Dimensions: 460 mm (L) X 150 mm (H) X 460 mm (W) + Weight: 19 Kg

_Aroona Butlers Sink, with its polished or honed exterior and extremely polished interior and rim looks great on a conventional timber stand. The Aroona is available in Carrara Marble, Shanxi Black, Blue Pearl, Peace Grey, Pearl White, Dark Emprador Marble and Crema Marfil. As solid in aesthetics as it is in substance, this stone basin is ideal for large installations, whether for high-volume usage or just to make a dramatic statement._

Product Code: C37 + Dimensions: 380 mm (L) X 150 mm (H) X 480 mm (W) + Weight: 34 Kg

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