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The ClearVision enables clear through-vision whilst providing security and protection from the elements, dust and vermin. The compact roll axle allows installations where head room is restricted.

Unique Slimline Pelmet Box – Unobtrusive

The ClearVision is unique as it rolls up into a slimline pelmet box enabling the roll to be hidden from sight. The pelmet box is an optional feature.

Easy to Use

Manual (with counterbalance helical springs) or motorised operation with tubular electric motor fitted inside axle (recommended for wide and/or high openings).


Suitable for most commercial applications including: shopping centre shopfronts, counter and bar tops, food service areas, entrances and doorways, retail stores, shopping arcades, clubs, reception areas. The ClearVision can span any opening size up to 4.0m wide in one section. Unlimited spans can be achieved by use of centre mullions.

The RS5, RS5 High Density, RS6 and RS6 High Density Wide Span Shutters enable you to cover larger openings in one piece, whilst providing maximum security.


These shutters roll up into a box much smaller than any other types of shutter doors capable of spanning such openings.

They provide protection against heat, cold, noise and other unwelcome elements.

They can be controlled manually or electronically and have an internal locking mechanism to lock the shutter in position when down.

Quality & Strength

The shutters consist of a series of interlocking, aluminium slats, injected with normal (or high density) polyurethane, and coated in fade and abrasive resistant enamel. These are the strongest roll-formed aluminium shutters on the Australian market.


These shutters are perfect for securing large shopfronts, commercial and industrial buildings, or wide door openings on homes.

Secure at night, invisible by day, with slotted holes for see-through visibility, ventilation and temperature control.


The RS4 system allows the shutters to roll totally from view, leaving your doorways, entrances and throughways unobstructed when you want them to be.

It also has the advantage of see-through visibility, with the manufacture of triangular slotted vision holes on the aluminium slats. This allows your stock to be visible at night when your business is locked and closed.

In addition, holes provide ventilation which has the advantage of reducing temperatures and preserving fresh goods more effectively.

Slotted holes can also be manufactured between the slats.


The RS4 Permashield Roller Shutter Security System comprises a curtain of interlocking extruded aluminium slats forming a solid security barrier.

Easy to Use

The RS4 can be controlled manually or electronically. A key locking mechanism is an optional extra.

Wide range of Colours

The RS4 has good visual appeal since it is powder coated in a wide range of high gloss finishes.

The RS3 security shutter provides excellent security at night when business is closed and by day it rolls up into a slim line box so as to be totally invisible.


The RS3 system allows the shutters to roll totally from view leaving your doorways, entrances and throughways unobstructed when you want them to be.

Easy to Use

The RS3 can be controlled manually or electronically. A key locking mechanism is an optional extra.

Quality and Strength

Ideal for securing shop fronts, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and the like, the RS3 shutter has a double extruded walled profile for extra strength.

The RS3 Extruded side guides can be used to effectively lock the curtain in position for extra security. These commercial grade guides are three times the strength and thickness of conventional guides.

The RS3 Permashield Roller Shutter Security System comprises a curtain of interlocking heavy duty extruded marine grade aluminium slats forming a solid security barrier.

Wide range of Colours

The RS3 has a good visual appeal since it can be powder coated in a wide range of colours and can span up to 4 1/2m.

Manufactured by Open Shutters, Sunteca’s timber shutters are specimens of the superior craftsmanship of Australian owned and made shutters.  Ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications, the shutters are made from solid furniture grade western red cedar, sanded for smoothness and finished with a lead free, long lasting semi-gloss, non fading paint system.    Crafted with a semi-concealed tilt mechanism and 180 degrees rotation, the shutters provide optimum heat and light control with the convenience of easy maintenance and the beauty of non cluttered views.  All panels have been designed in classic proportions in traditional and contemporary styles for always pleasing results, available in a range of Aerofoil or Flat blade sizes to suit residential or commercial projects, whether intended for maximum privacy or maximum views.


Furniture grade western red cedar  +  Semi concealed tilt mechanism  +  Strong and long lasting mortice and tenoned joints  +  Furniture grade sanding  +  Designed with arrised edges for optimum paint adhesion  +  Superior lead-free paint system  +  Custom paints  +  Standard Cedar colours as well as 12 pastel shades and stains available  +  Care kits and touch-up paint included


Aerofoil blades: 46mm, 70mm, 90mm, 115mm  +  Flat blades: 68mm, 84mm  +  Fitting methods include: fixed, non-mortised hinges, sliding, bifold with and without tracking or pivot hinged


Exterior Traditional  +  Exterior Broadview  +  Interior Broadview  +  Interior Clearview  +  Interior Plantation  +  Interior Bayview

Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers are fashionable window curtains and vertical blinds that offer a softly filtered view providing privacy with controlled tilting vanes, as well as controlling excess sunlight in the most elegant manner, and a creating a luxurious glow at night when the shade is closed. Luxafles Luminette Privacy Sheers consist of polyester sheer fabrics available in three different styles with two vane types, and are also available in a huge range of pastel shades offering a totally new decorative window fashion that is different from any other window covering. *FEATURES* Unmatched control of the light + Provided in five face fabric types: Linea, Filigree, Angelica, Batiste and Stria + 100 per cent polyester + Unique Softrak system ensuring smooth operation + Lifetime warranty *SPECIFICATIONS* Maximum width: 4875 mm + Area: 14.5 sqm + Drop: 3045 mm + Shading co-efficient: 0.36 + Made from anti-static polyester fabric + Track is sturdy aluminium + 2 year warranty

Duette Pleated Blinds are ideal for customers who want window treatments which are versatile and offer efficient light blocking. Duette Pleated Blinds can be used in any type of a room, whether small or big, and on any type of window shape as they can be custom made per specifications. High quality polyester fabrics ensure temperature control, and can keep the room cool in the summer and warmer in winter. Many degrees of translucency are available, for blinds that block the suns rays while filtering through natural light. *FEATURES* Available in different sizes + Control options with colour coordination + High quality products + 18 different colours + Available in 25, 32 and 64 mm + Three light properties – transparent, translucent and blackout

The smartroll system and product range is one conceived with the intention of maximising user satisfaction and addressing design needs. The consistency of this approach is evident in every feature of the smartroll system, from the child-safe cord free operation to the silence and smoothness of retraction and deployment.

Alongside a palette of colour options that allow seamless integration to any interior design, smartroll also offers a fully customisable ‘home’ position. Users are able to set a blind ‘start/stop’ point lower than the top of the window recess to which the blind would otherwise retract. The result is a level of interior illumination and privacy that is entirely determined by user preferences.

Smartroll also incorporates a hand-crank feature for adjustable roll velocity, with the turn of a dial allowing users to adjust the speed at which the shade is lowered and raised.

In addition to the standard-sized smartroll 24-1 and smartroll 32-1, smartroll supplies a range of adaptor components for interior blinds of non-standard sizes. Compatible with all smartoll products, the adaptors are a cost-effective means of ensuring that the needs of every individual project are satisfied. Installation of a smartroll adaptor will allow use of the smartroll 32-1 or 24-1 with tube sizes of greater than 32mm, enhancing the versatility of an already efficient and affordable product.

The plastic components are available in either snap or screw-on varieties, dependent on the difference between the desired and existing tube diameters. Screw-on options are more suitable for smaller adjustments, whereas scenarios requiring greater adaption of the smartroll tube size may require a snap-on component. The selection of smartroll adaptors is available in a range of colours identical to that of the main components of the smartroll system, ensuring that roller shades are exceptional in both performance and appearance.

For use with any interior roller shade operating on a 24mm tube, the smartroll 24-1 system allows the smooth retraction and deployment of lightweight fabric blinds. Incorporating innovative spring technology, the smartroll 24-1 can support textile blinds of up to 1.4kg (3lb) weights or 2m lengths.

As with all smartroll products, the smartroll 24-1 is designed to best ensure child safety, with the lack of a side pull or cord eliminating the risk of choking or strangulation. Patented smartroll technology means that the roller shade glides smoothly and silently into installation point of the roll at the top of the window recess, with this movement activated by a singlehanded pull of the blind’s bottom rail.

Subject to extensive testing to ensure performance and durability, the smartroll 24-1 is an efficient and stylish addition to any interior roller blind. The system also features an adjustable ‘home’ (start/stop) position, alongside speed and ease of assembly and disassembly.

Complementing the smartroll 24-1, the smartroll 32-1 is designed for use with heavy fabric roller blinds, or those with atypical (larger than 24mm roller tube diameter) dimensions.

The 32-1 features a tube diameter of 32mm (1.25″), which in conjunction with its customisable length and availability in a range of colours makes it the versatile solution for any roller blind of up to 3.4kg. Combining sleek design with silent and smooth operation, the smartroll 32-1 can be operated single-handedly and with one pull, eliminating a conventional side pull chain and the associated safety risks. 

The smartroll 32-1 also allows users to customise levels of sun protection and external sight, with an adjustable home position. When this feature is enabled, the “end” position of the roller blind can be set at a point lower than the top of the window, giving occupants maximum control of their environment’s views and lighting.

Using pre-machined frames for fixed louvers, Eurowood provides pre-machined side frames and clearview control bars with spring loaded end caps for operable louvres so they can be assembled on site. Make yourself a fixed or operable louvre in a fraction of the time with a tradesman’s quality finish.

SURTECO Australia delivers the complete Roller Shutter System by Döllken to the Australian and New Zealand furniture industry.  Roller Shutter is ideal to maximise usable floor area where space is a prime consideration – home office, laundry, storeage – appropriate for both commercial and domestic use.  Three standard colours, white, silver and grey metallic in either 8mm and 12mm polypropylene slats, with horizontal and vertical opening options, the design possibilities are endless.  The track and slat system are optimised for simple installation and easy use. 

For hundreds of years people in countries around the Mediterranean have used external shutters as protection against the searing sun.

The Sonnenschutz range of side hung casement and sliding shutters reflect heat and sunlight before it reaches the building itself, to minimise solar gain. The ease of operation enables the homeowner to control the light levels in the building, and find a balance between enjoying the views, the need for privacy, and reducing heat gain within the building. The shutters fold back allowing for unhindered views.

Suitable for installation in both commercial and residential buildings, traditional and modern, the shutters allow significant energy savings, and are available in a range of designs and materials to complement any building.

Casement Shutters for window protection

Australians are starting to realise what people in the Mediterranean have understood for centuries: Shutters provide the best protection against the searing sun. Shade&Shield supplies a range of quality external shutters from traditional to the latest sliding and bi-fold trends. Options include fixed or operable lamella (louvres) within the leaf, and both flat and decorative panels in a range of colours.

Over 80% of the radiant heat from the sun stays inside the building envelope once it has passed through the glass. While this is great in winter, when you want to stay cool in summer it either is very uncomfortable or the bills for air conditioning get expensive! External shutters offer an excellent solution, allowing tailored control of heat and privacy.

In addition to energy efficiency and security, our aluminium casement shutters can also provide bushfire protection up to BAL-40 (in solid leaf).

Bushfire shutters for all BAL levels

Shade&Shield BAL-FZ shutters are Australia’s first and only bushfire Flame Zone approved fire-resistant shutters.

Shutters are available for all Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL’s) up to and including Flame Zone, and are tested and compliant to AS3959-2009 and AS1530.8.2. BAL-FZ compliance is achieved with a standard window fitted with 5mm toughened glass.

Our BAL-FZ shutters achieve this level of safety through a reinforced steel frame finished in durable powder coat, patented panel technology, secure multi-point locking system and intumescent seals.

Our range of quality Shade&Shield external shutters are available in many styles. Shutters are available in casement style (side opening leaves), up to 3500mm wide and 2400mm high. Other sizes and opening styles available on request, including sliding and top/bottom hinged. Base colour range is per Colorbond® standard range. Custom colours are available.

Shade&Shield  shutters can also reduce home heating & cooling costs, improving the energy efficiency of your home. 

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