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The Cencon ATM Cash Vault Security System from Kaba Mas is designed to combat insider theft from ATMs through the combined use of lock hardware, systems software and Smart Keys™. Cencon offers total access control and accountability with its One Time Combination™ feature.

The One Time Combination is dispatched from a central location and cannot be reused at a later date, thus eliminating temptation.

Unique software allows you to control and monitor tens, hundreds, even thousands of locks located anywhere in the world – from one central location.

Cencon is a revolutionary and cost-effective solution to today’s most serious security challenges.

As tough as they get – built to resist practically everything from punishing winds, relentless rain, huge temperature

fluctuations, clouds of dust or high-impacts.

Each MIC IP 7000 camera delivers the highest quality of relevant video images in the most challenging environments. The Intelligent Defog feature, which can be activated manually or automatically, improves visibility when viewing foggy or other low-contrast scenes. The integrated silicone wiper and washer keeps the glass clean and our Window-defrosting function makes sure MIC IP cameras capture the highest quality video no matter how cold it gets.

State-of-the-art technology 

Advanced Intelligent Tracking with IVA. ONVIF conformant. Optional IR/White light illuminators.

Built-in Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) technology saves up to 50% bitrate at the source, which significantly reduces your storage costs and network strain without compromising on video quality. Thanks to intelligent backlight compensation, (moving) objects

of interest can be easily identified in scenes with simultaneously bright and dark areas. And our Intelligent Video Analysis technology ensures Intelligent Tracking. Now you can automatically track moving objects based on predefined alarm rules or with a simple click.

MIC IP Starlight 7000 HD


  • Exceptional strength and ruggedness for any outdoor, industrial, or commercial surveillance application
  • Starlight (720p50/60) camera technology with high-performance 30x lens for scenes with limited or non-uniform illumination
  • Optional, field-installable combo illuminator (IR/White light) provides detection of objects up to 175 m (575 ft) away
  • Simple installation with new hinged DCA mounting accessory and new cable design


Also available in MIC IP Dynamic 7000 HD

Features same as the Starlight with additional: 

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) to see details in bright and dark areas simultaneously
  • ONVIF conformant; provides interoperability with other conformant systems

For further product information please visit our brochure section or click here for specifications. 

Never miss a single thing thanks to the 360-degree overview provided by the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP camera from Bosch.

In combination with your current camera set up, it significantly improves your situational awareness by eliminating blind spots. With 5 megapixel resolution at 15 frames per second and a fish-eye lens, you can capture moving objects easily while maintaining a complete 360-degree overview without blind spots, providing innovating security where you need it most.

The smallest 360-degree dome design

The FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP camera combines innovative technologies with the smallest 360-degree dome design available on the market. The perfect balance between performance and aesthetics makes it ideal for applications where appearance is just as important as discretion. In addition to its great design, the camera is also built to resist vandalism and is available in for both indoors and outdoors.

Remote access and control 24/7

Supported by Dynamic Transcoding technology and in combination with the Video Security Client, the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP gives you easy instant 24/7 remote access to camera controls, live video streams, recordings and HD de-warped images, regardless of available bandwidth.

Safe and secure storage

By revealing blind spots in your video surveillance solution, the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP makes it easier to keep personnel and property safe and secure at all times. The camera triggers alarms when needed and video data is recorded and stored safely – either in the cloud, on the built-in SD storage or on an external storage device. So you can always review what has happened, regardless of time and place. With the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP, professional video surveillance is easy for everyone.


  • Indoor polycarbonate dome
  • XF-Dynamic for wide dynamic range
  • NightSense
  • 15-bit DSP technology
  • 540 TVL color resolution
  • SensUp 10 x extended sensitivity
  • Bilinx bi-directional communication
  • Patented dome shape for 90º vertical view

For more information, please visit our brochure section and for specifications and related products and variants, please click here.

Lynx Touch is a wireless security system that features a bright, full-colour touch screen with graphic icons, prompts and advanced alarm communications features. These options allow more flexibility for customers, with a system that is compatible with mobile phones, VoIP and POTS lines. When used in conjunction with Honeywell Total ConnectTM Remote Services, users are able to control appliances with their smartphones and PCs from anywhere in the world. 

The Bosch HD Camera Control combines the HD Conference Dome Camera with HD-SDI (Serial-Digital-Interface) with dedicated interfacing software integrated into the DCN conference systems. Ideal for large venues, broadcasts, video conferences, or webcasts, the HD camera automatically pans to the current speaker, displaying both the crystal-clear image and name of the speaker on all screens.

The Solution 880 Ultima Security System ensures total protection for any domestic or commercial building, offering sophisticated, reliable electronic surveillance. Up to 8 zones and 16 wireless devices can be integrated on the Solution 880 Ultima Security System, and the in-built memory has a 40 event history memory. For added convenience and peace of mind, the system can be armed and disarmed simply by the touch of a button, and has an easy to operate built in panic function. It is also programmed as it gets automatic call diversion which diverts the calls to another number when the premises is unoccupied.

Covers 8 fully programmable zones + 16 codes with 8 key pad PINS and 8 RF codes + 16 wireless Devices + STAY/AWAY arming options + Automatic arming and zone lockout + 40 event history memory + Five programmable output + Partitionable to two separate areas. + LED and LCD ICON keypad support + AC Fail supervision

The Solution 64 Home/Business Security System is an innovative high performance control panel which offers the a unique competitive advantage for any business in need of absolute security protection. This system can go from 8 to 64 zones, wireless or wired with built in access control. The system has advanced intrusion control, an impressive range of functions, simple text driven menu structure and future focused technology. The Solution 64 Home/Business Security System also offers the customer an extensive feature list which includes integrated proximity, hi-speed windows programming software, and one of the most user-friendly installer interfaces on the market.

Bosch Security Solution 16 Plus Security System ensures ultimate protection for the whole home – up to 16 zones – with an emphasis on easy programming and operation. The Solution 16 Plus Security System has a graphic code pad and text driven menus for simple navigation through programming options, and is specially programmed to make use of a small wireless remote control which is small enough to fit onto a key ring. Bosch has developed a fully programmable text menu system which prompts and guides the user, so the security system can be set with confidence.

16 wired or wireless zones which are for security devices + Easy to read code pad and text menu control + 2 entry timers and code pad panic and duress + Walk test mode and system indicators

Product includes: CM104 8/16 zone expander + Proximity cards and tokens + Cm105 multi RF receiver interface + Conettix ITS-300GSM Transceiver

The OP-DLC 4 4-Input Digital Video Recorder allows the user to watch every corner, door, aisle or hallway, with motion detection and local archiving, with advanced encoding techniques and small file size. Suitable for applications such as banks, retail stores, gas stations and parking lots, these digital video recorders are a high performance and economical system, offering continuous video and audio recording from four camera and alarm handling. This makes the OP-DLC 4-input Digital Video Recorder a round-the-clock surveillance partner, with an emphasis on uninterrupted real time recordings even while the user is playing back the earlier recordings.

Capture and record weeks of activity + Provides reliable and continuous CCTV surveillance with no downtime + Easy to search for specific dates, alarms, time and motion + Built in USB port to USB memory stick + Embedded proof of authentication

Megapixel IP Cameras are crisp and clear video cameras which deliver highly detailed images even when zooming in action. These cameras have ultra high resolution digital images up to 3 million pixels, recording details perfectly and providing the added flexibility of mixed analogue and digital cameras, and the ability to combine local cameras with IP linked cameras situated anywhere in the world.

Ultra high resolution + Multiple streams + Virtual PTZ within the main view and four user defined areas in industry standard JPEG format + PoE enabled and IEEE 802.3af compliant

Available in three models of megapixel cameras + NWC-0700 colour, NWC-0800 colour 3.1 MP and NWC- 0900 day/night dual sensor camera

These Extreme IR Cameras from Bosch Security are the trusted leader in active infrared night vision and continue to offer reliable and high performance in both day and night hours. These cameras represent an elite suite of precision engineered cameras delivering the most advanced level of day or night imaging, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even in harsh weather conditions. Bosch Extreme IR Cameras are designed for instant and easy installation and have precision engineered optics.

Available in models between 8 M to 128 M which are suitable for all types of environments. + Available in analogue or IP formats + Analogue, megapixel and Bosch IP-enabled + Suitable for applications such as ports, critical infrastructure, defence, transportation and even for border security + EX85 Megapixel IP infrared imager + Black Diamond night vision technology + Dual megapixel sensors

Extreme Environment Cameras are environment surveillance cameras precision engineered for use in the harshest environments in the world. These cameras are corrosion proof, waterproof, vandal resistant and even hurricane and explosion protected. These Extreme Environment Cameras from Bosch Security are field proven for reliable performance and have been installed in projects across the globe, including Antarctica, Canada and Africa. Further, as well as in petrochemical and mining areas.

Precision engineered cameras + Can endure the harshest environments anywhere in the world. + Explosion protected + Bullet proof, waterproof, hurricane proof and vandal resistant + Multiple Lens options available including 3.6/6.0/12 mm micro lens + 12 VDC/ 24 VAC + Available in black or white

The DIVAR MR CCTV Management Unit is more than simply a video recorder, it is a complete CCTV management solution in a single embedded unit. The DIVAR MR CCTV Management Unit delivers a comprehensive solution for most applications, such as retail applications, schools, hotels and apartment buildings. The user has easy access to recording and management operations, with a large built-in memory for saving information and thereby saving money on storage costs.

Control centre application which enables user to manage the system remotely + Can be connected to a variety of external devices + Flexible options to create a scalable video management system + Suitable for applied to retail applications, schools, hotels and apartment buildings + 16 channel Real Time DVR / MPEG-4 compression + Export to USB or optional DVD writer + Supports Mouse, Intuikey, front panel and has IR Remote + Has VGA or BNC main monitor output w/BNC Spot Monitor

Dinion IP Cameras offer tri- streaming technology, and continue to operate even when there is a power failure as in major emergency situations. Dinion IP Cameras can be tailored and optimised to suit even the most demanding application needs. They support analogue and ethernet connections, making them compatible with existing CCTV installations, allowing easy migration to new digital technology whilst preserving the original investment. The camera has 15 bit digital signal processing which enhances light sensitivity and XFDynamic, in order to extend its viewing range with sharper and detailed pictures.

Offers sharp and detailed pictures and exceptional colour reproduction accuracy + In low light, the cameras can automatically switch from colour to monochrome which boosts infrared illumination sensitivity whilst maintaining superior picture quality + Programmable backlight compensation which can be used in power failure + Includes dual MPEG-4 and JPEG compression modes

Using Sensor Data Fusion technology, Bosch Professional Series Detectors can integrate and process data from five different sensors and adjust sensitivities accordingly. These are the most reliable and intelligent alarm systems in the world, with active white light suppression, to eliminate false alarms which can be caused by white light such as passing car headlights. Bosch Professional Series Detectors also feature TriFocus Optics, providing consistent coverage across the entire area covered, with no need for lens adjustment.

Active white light suppression which can eliminate false alarms caused by stray lights + Flexible so detector can be positioned conveniently + Adjustable LED can compensate for the ambient light level + Reliable, easy to install, efficient

Bosch IP Network Video offers the customer the reliability of its patent-pending Automatic Network Replenishment Technology, which allows local storage of surveillance footage in the encoder, acting as a backup if the network goes down. ANR also automatically replenishes gaps during the network failures, and staggers details which relay to the NVR so the network is not overloaded. The Bosch IP Network Video has audio capability available in one or two way audio, and a video management system which bridges the PC and analogue viewing. *FEATURES* Allows wireless access anywhere on the network + Simplified installation at low cost + Reduced storage costs + Reliable and high quality + MPEG-4 format for easy use and compatibility

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